Scratch Pad Opacity?

I’ve searched the forum, but haven’t found this discussed. Is there any way to adjust the opacity level of the scratch pad in the Windows version?

Okay, I understand this is not a life-and-death issue, but there must be a yes or no answer and somebody must know it.

(Of course, if the answer is yes, there will be additional info required.)

Thanking you in advance.

No. I expect it’s coming at some point in the future, but I’d guess more distant future given that it’s likely not a priority. On the other hand, I’m running some ancient copy of XP, so the idea of opacity and transparency didn’t exist yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, MM.

There was nothing planned for this; however, it would be very simple to implement. I’ll add it to the wish list and see how it goes :slight_smile: