Scratchpad keyboard shortcuts, e.g. to create a new document

One of the best thing with Scrivener is the amount of keyboard shortcuts we have for almost everything. However I am missing or call me guess the keyboard shortcuts for the Scratchpad…

I only found out to move from the title of the document to eat contents using tab, but can’t find anything to create a new document… That would be so practical when creating a whole set of small documents for ideas…

Thanks for advising if you find a quick way or maybe to add this to the WishList for next updates

Otherwise this is by far the best software I know out of the hundreds I have on my Mac. Congratulations! :slight_smile:

In V3, if you highlight a document in the document list then… I don’t know whether it works for V2.

Enter > > Enter > Tab will create a new item in the scratchpad and move you to the editor field.

I discovered this by accident the other day and I don’t know whether it’s new for V3 or whether it was always there.

It seems to be the standard behaviour in such lists – you can add new Labels, Section Types, Categories by highlighting an existing one and pressing Enter as well.

I’ve never seen this documented, but that’s probably my lack of attention.


Wonderful, precisely what I was looking for, and you extend the usage to other lists as well: very precious time saver,

However when doing this and editing th enew document, I cant find a way from there to create a new one: I can^t use SHIFT+TAB to go back to the doc list & use the RETURN trick… Have to click again with the mouse in the list… Or??Any idea?

Anyway, thanks for the help, very much appreciated! :slight_smile: have a nice day!

The real shortcut to move from panel to panel (list to editor, editor to list) is CONTROL-TAB (and shift-ctl-tab), not tab/shift-tab. Tab on its own works from list to editor, but of course is used to text tabs, so doesn’t work the other way round. Ctl-tab is the same shortcut as in Scrivener proper for moving between binder > editor > inspector > binder etc.

Glad it’s useful - like you I think Scrivener is brilliant for shortcut – I hate using the mouse too!

BTW, it’s even better if you combine it with something like Keyboard Maestro…

Hey, you are just fantastic! Well done!

I am a fan of keyboard shortcuts also, so I use Keboard Maestro of course nd also tools like HyperDock or HyperSwitch… The later was assigned to this keyboard shortcut to display app windows, preventing me to see its effect in Scrivener… Now it works like a sharm in Scrivener, just perfect, realyl time saver, many thanks again!! Happy writing :slight_smile: