Scratchpad on the go w/ Apple's Shortcuts

I love the Scratchpad, but one of my most frequent needs for it is when I’m on the go. Since the Scratchpad is not available on iPad or iPhone, I used Apple’s Shortcuts app to create a shortcut to enable me to send text to the Scratchpad. I’ve shared the links here in case any of you might like to use them. Here is how the shortcuts work.

  1. Set your ScratchPad folder on desktop Scrivener to a cloud folder. I use Dropbox. (Scrivener/Preferences/ScratchPad. Set Notes Location to the cloud folder of your choice. I use Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener Scratchpad Notes/. If you use a different folder location than that, you’ll have to modify one aspect of the shortcut, which is clearly labeled.

  2. The shortcut is one two varieties. One is for plain text. You can type of dictate the note. The Shortcut allows you to have a title and body of the note. The second Shortcut is for rich text. Same process, you can set a title as well as the note. This particular shortcut does not allow you to enter formatted text yet, but it saves the file in the right format to enable you to do so. I’ll update it if I can to fix that.

  3. Take a look at the Scratchpad on your desktop and you’ll have access to the new note.

  4. If you have macOS Monterey, you have Shortcuts on your Mac and you can even use this shortcut right on your desktop.

  • Note - if you are on a Mac and use Dropbox. Make sure you have “Make Available Offline” selected for the entire folder. Otherwise, Scrivener will see the titles but not the contents.

Plain Text Version

Rich Text Version