Scratchpad tweaks

Ability to format title text, or add a flag. I often use Scratchpad for ideas that come to me while working on one part of a story line. I’d like to be able to flag the ones I’ve used, discarded, or that are waiting for a place to be incorporated. Why not simply delete? Rule of writing: never throw anything out!

Alternatively, the ability to reorder the title list.

Hi triarius,

I’m just a customer, so my opinion of your request doesn’t really matter. :nerd_face:

But if I were a betting man, I’d bet heavily that L&L is perfectly happy with the Scratchpad feature as is. It’s intended to be a quick & simple little tool, and I’d be shocked if they make any changes to it. After all, they left it completely untouched from Scriv versions 1 to 3, so why would they start tweaking it now?

However, I’m not not here to discourage you, but to share a cool little Scrivener project that @AmberV of L&L support shared in this post, back in January.

It’s a project that Amber set up to look just like the scratchpad! Here’s a screenshot:

How cool is that. It consists of a stripped down Outliner and an Editor. The bit that reads “A note file” is the title of a document in the Outliner, and all the text is the Editor portion of the document.

Because it’s a Scrivener project, you can do all of the things you asked for in your post: format the title text, add flags (icons), sort the titles, etc. And of course much more, because underneath the stripped down appearance is a full-fledged Scrivener project.

You can download the template at the post I linked to above. Give it a try. Hopefully it works for you.



Just to add a bit of background (from another non-developer…).

Behind the scenes the Scratchpad is just an ordinary Finder / Explorer folder (depending on whether you’re on a Mac or Windows), and each note in the title list is a physical document.

So, just as you can’t format a document title in Finder/Explorer, you can’t format the entry in the Scratchpad Title List. All the Scratchpad is, is a convenient viewer on those files, with the in-built ability to sent a file to a Scrivener project.

What you can do though, is rename the entry in the Title List and this will rename the physical document behind the scenes. Perhaps you could add a short code to the beginning of the title so that they will be sorted properly, as in the screen shot below? (I renamed the files in the Scratchpad viewer, not in Finder.)

BTW, this arrangement (Scratchpad as a physical folder) means that you don’t have to have Scrivener open to work on it: you can save and work on files in this folder with any suitable application at all, and they’ll be available when you next open the project. Apologies if you knew all this!

Does any of that help?

(But Amber’s Scrivener Project As Scratchpad is excellent and well worth checking out…)

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I’ll take a look at it, thanks!

Didn’t know that. Also a useful suggestion.

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