I got The Scrivener version for iOS. GREAT and thanks for that addition ! I have one question, for now :wink: . Where is the “Scratchpad” on the iOS version ? I’m using the Windows version and I have been using the Scratchpad for notes. Is it possible to open it in the iOS version ?

Sorry, but there is no Scratchpad implemented in Scrivener iOs. Probably it is not technically doable.

Emilio Speciale

The Scratch pad is actually only a folder, where each entry is a text file. If you have your Scratch pad folder in the Dropbox folder you can access it with any iOS app that reads txt files. You can browse the content in the Dropbox app and choose the correct file and then tap ‘Open in’ and choose ‘Copy to Scrivener’.

PS. Don’t put it it in the folder where you have your Scriv projects.

Thanks for this, @lunk. Two questions, though.

First, as you say, I can “choose the correct file” in Dropbox - but then I can’t find a way to “tap ‘Open in’ and choose ‘Copy to Scrivener’”. Sorry to be obtuse, but can you tell me exactly where to find these commands, given that I’ve chosen the desired Dropbox file? (All I can find are ways to Move, Copy, Share it and so on.)

Also, could you explain your PS? The advantage of Scratchpad on the Mac is that you can quickly get draft notes into the right projects. Wouldn’t it be easier to do this if, when I choose “Copy to Scrivener” - once I’ve found a way to do this - I could put the contents of Scratchpad in the same folder as the Scriv projects?

Thanks for your patience.

You need to be in an iOS Scrivener project. With a project open, there should be a downward pointing arrow in the files list of that project (the binder). Tap that icon, choose Dropbox, browse to your Scratchpad folder, and select the document you want to import.

If you store the Scratchpad folder inside the Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener* sync folder and sync iOScrivener, it will keep an copy of all that data in Scrivener’s storage area on your iDevice. It won’t be accessible to Scrivener, and so it’ll be wasted space. When you import one of those scratchpad documents into a project, that copy will come from the Dropbox servers, not from the iOScrivener storage area–effectively doubling the space that file takes up on your iDevice.

In other words, nothing bad (other than wasting your storage space on your iDevice) will come of keeping scratchpad files in your Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder, but why waste space when you could have a Dropbox/Scratchpad folder that doesn’t waste your iOS storage space?

[size=85]* For sake of this discussion, I’m going to use the default Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder as if that’s the one you set up.[/size]

rdale gave the answer before got back here. I can only nod and agree.

I know it’s not exactly the same thing, and I Don’t know how you guys use the scratchpad. However, for my needs I have downloaded a separate note taking app (there are a zillion out there) separate from the one native in iOS and the one from Evernote (which I use for taking notes relative to work, play, home, etc) and I have set it up to dump my notes in there.
With the one I got (I forget the name) can upload to dropbox, I can keep it on the screen on my iPad Air 1 in a slim column, and if at the end of the session I want to keep those notes inside scrivener, I just setup a folder in the project for notes, which I separate daily, by chapter, whatever.

Works for me.