Screen blinks in Scrivener

Whenever I am in Scrivener, the Scrivener screen seems to blink / blip / reload every minute or so, I’m not sure what the best way of describing it is. It is only the Scrivener window, not the whole computer display. Could this be because my Scrivener Folder is in Dropbox? Or what else could be the problem? It really is bugging me, so any help with avoiding this would be appreciated! Thanks.

Dropbox sounds like a likely culprit. Like maybe there’s a slight lag while it updates to/from the Dropbox server.

Keeping your live project in Dropbox is not a great idea for other reasons: you’re very vulnerable to data corruption if you do that. So testing to see what happens if you keep the project locally wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Thanks for the reply, but I’m afraid that didn’t solve the problem. My project is now locally saved, not in dropbox anymore, but the problem continues. Other ideas? Thanks in advance

Can you describe the actual symptom in greater detail? Please try.

Do any sounds accompany the event?

Is there disk activity whenever this occurs?

If you look at the Task Manager, does the Scrivener process leave the task list, then reappear?

I checked, and in the Taskmanager nothing seems to change during the blink. Scrivener remains in the list of processes and remains around 51,000k memory usage.

There are no sounds that accompany the blink. There is one blink every minute or two.