Screen Jumps in Composition Mode

I’m sure this is an intended feature, but I’d like to turn it off or disable it.
When in composition mode and I click top or bottom of the page, the page jumps to center screen. I think the idea is to always have the cursor at center screen. I’d prefer the cursor remain where I’m looking.

Is there a way to disable to jumping?

You’re right. It’s a feature called “Typewriter Scrolling”, and it’s toggled on and off via the Format > Options menu. To quote the Scrivener Manual, page 207 in my version:

“You can turn ‘typewriter scrolling’ on for the main editors, Quick Reference panes, and for the composition mode editor independently via the Format Options sub-menu. When it is switched on, just as with a typewriter, the line of text you are typing will remain centred vertically in the editor, once your text is long enough to reach the middle of the screen. This means that your eyes do not have to be glued to the bottom of the screen all the time when typing in a long piece of text.”

It’s not available in Page View.

Awesome Hugh - thank you. I can now write in composition mode without the screen jumping to the center.