Screen Jumps?

When I’m scrolling through my text with my middle mouse button, there’s a very fair chance that if I move my mouse off the editor or try to select something, the text will jump up or down by a random amount (usually only a page or two).

I know it doesn’t jump to where I left off, as it happened several times today. It happens regularly. Like, all the damn time, and it is driving me nuts. Any help?

My guess is that scrolling with the mouse wheel, just as clicking and dragging the scrollbar manually would do, isn’t moving the cursor. Something you are doing accidentally is triggering a cursor position event and returning the scroll view to where you can see it. That in and of itself is an intentional feature of course, it makes it easy to scroll off to look at something and return to where you were with a simple arrow tap, or the Edit ▸ Find ▸ Jump to Selection shortcut (even better, as that doesn’t destroy your selection if you left one behind).

Does Scriv keep multiple cursor positions within the same project?

This sometimes happens after I’m done editing a section - it’ll kick me to a new section, one that the cursor wasn’t in.

That it does do, in that if you select “Section A” and put your cursor five paragraphs down, and then go to “Section B” and select five words ten paragraphs down, then navigate back and forth between them, their selection and cursor positions will be remembered.

That wouldn’t change how scrolling works though. What you’re describing sounds more peculiar, even potentially hardware related, like the software doesn’t know where you have scrolled to precisely. One thing in particular that is a bit odd is that you mention scrolling with your middle mouse button. Maybe you mean rolling the wheel by that, but there isn’t any kind of scrolling you would do with a literal button. So if you’ve got some kind of special hardware, or maybe drivers or software, that provides its own scroll capability, there could be a conflict with how it works. Seems to me a relatively easy elimination test would be to scroll “normally”, either by rolling the wheel on a mouse, or dragging the scroll bar.

I think I described the problem wrong. The issue isn’t in active scrolling, it happens when I’m not scrolling. It seems to happen most often when I click back into the editor, or try to actively scroll without first having selected the edit?

You know what? it’s the most minor of annoyances, I can live with it. Thank you anyway. :blush:

It kind of resembles a thing Scrivener does when undoing changes.
Often the display jumps to the end of the document. Then back – somewhat randomly, with each undo when doing a couple consecutively.

Yeah if you mean that when you return to something, it’s a little off from where you left it, that is something that can happen. At some point it would be nice to see what we can do to make that better, as there are some scroll conditions that are awkward, but the main issue is that it is the selection point that is saved, not the precise scrollbar position—so even where return to selection is working well, we wouldn’t always expect to see the text exactly where it was before. It works by loading the text, and then attempting to position the cursor/selection point within the viewable area in an optimum way.

I tried to find the other thread from a couple weeks ago where the user had an editor jump around like mad when scrolling in the second editor. He/she had posted a link to a short video of it. But I can’t find the thread. I don’t remember any good search keywords it would seem.

Was that a macOS post? I recall something recently posted about that for Mac, and if so it relates to a weird system bug where trackpad or “Magic Mouse” scrolling can cause content in the other view to scroll as well, usually if you hit the top or bottom of the view that you started the scroll event within.

I don’t recall.
All I remember is the jumping, and that you were involved in the thread too.
Say maybe 6 weeks ago.
. . . . . . . .

Hi. Yeah, this is something I’ve learned to live with. That it works that way can be useful, actually, at times when the otherwise unwanted jump takes you back to just where you really want to be, which is where you last left the active cursor, the place you were in mid-edit.

I’m experiencing this a lot right now as I’m working with a long scrivening, and occasionally needing to hide and unhide the binder or resize or dock the Scrivener window to half the screen, which reflows not only the text but also the editor’s scroll position in the scrivening… which (come to think of it) is something else I’ve had to learn to live with (or is that the same thing?)

Anytime the editor is resized (e.g., opening and closing the inspector), the scroll position shifts and the cursor can end up off screen. But that annoying behavior can at times serve as a savior in the context of other annoying behaviors. :slight_smile:

@Vincent_Vincent Vincent, is this the post you were thinking of?

I don’t think so.
Whoever it was, there was nothing useful at all to the reported behavior. In a split editor context, one editor would jump/scroll wildly up and down as the user was rather trying to scroll the other editor.