Screen Real Estate

Is there a method of reducing the height of the window? I often wish to use two windows across the screen and while the PDF view is o.k. in scrivener I prefer some of the navigation features of skim (the PDF in question has many pages). When I attempt to shrink the scrivener page it will only reduce to about 2/3s of my screen size (14 inch ibook G4). I am unable to locate a pref to control this function.


There are certain limitations in how small you can make the window. This is because OS X doesn’t handle controls going off the screen very well. Thus, the window can only be resized so that it is still high enough so that if the inspector is opened at its widest, all the controls will still fit on vertically. If there wasn’t this limitation, you would find controls disappearing from the inspector because of the way OS X handles this situation.