Screen Tearing above 60hz

I’ve noticed that when I use a higher refresh rate than 60hz on my monitor (set through either the Nvidia control panel or Windows itself), the Scrivener application exhibits very noticeable screen tearing: A visible line runs from left to right on the upper half of the screen whenever I scroll through text, merging two rows as you go along). Is there an option in the program to fix this, or is this a known issue?

This is, of course, simply an aesthetic bug, and doesn’t interfere with any software functions. Nevertheless, it doesn’t look pretty.

For Scrivener do you need refresh rate other than 60hz? is your video driver in Windows up to date?

Yes, everything is up to date.
Do I NEED more than 60hz? No. But I have my monitor set to a refresh rate of 85hz because it is more comfortable for my viewing experience (everything moves and feels smoother). This is basically a pure comfort and aesthetic complaint. I just think the tearing is ugly and changing the refresh rate of my monitor for a single program is annoying.

So, if there is a way to fix this by myself with an option in the software it would be nice, but it’s not a must of course and it doesn’t interfere with my writing. I just feel visual issues like this make the software appear cheap on first impression, so I thought I should mention it.

Other than that, I am very happy with the experience so far (I’m currently using the 30-day trial version).