Screenplay Autofill request

Please consider automatically enabling Auto-Fill for SCENE, NAME and TRANSITION screenplay elements. IOW, when you create a new SCENE paragraph and type “I”, Auto-Fill will suggest “INT.” Or, if you make a new NAME paragraph and type “K”, Auto-Fill will offer a list of words starting with K.

The short reason is that Final Draft, MM Screenwriter, Nova Mind and others do it this way.

The practical reason is that it makes writing flow easier. This is one of the few ways that Final Draft’s writing experience is superior to Scrivener’s.

Yes, I know I can invoke Auto-Fill manually, but it adds a lot of keystrokes to have to do this each an every time I want it to look up a word. The point is to reduce keystrokes and maintain creative flow. Also, I can’t think of a case when I would NOT want Auto-Fill activated in SCENE, NAME and TRANSITION paragraphs.

(It would be even better if Scrivener kept track of separate lists from entries made in SCENE, NAME and TRANSITION paragraphs. FD, MMS, NM and other do this. Please think of this request as well)

Thanks for considering it. Keep up the good work.

I second this request. It’s the one feature that keeps me using Final Draft. Though it may be outside the scope of Scrivener development, it would be the “killer” feature for me to switch all of my writing to Scrivener.

A more robust auto-complete would be very much appreciated.

I will continue to own both Final Draft and Scrivener, and I look forward to cleaner import/export between the two, so as to improve my Final Draft experience.

Montage from Mariner software has auto-complete. And the next point release will be able to export to Final Draft format.

Montage is a dedicated screenplay packaged; Scrivener is not trying to compete with Montage. As far as Final Draft export is concerned, I am still waiting for the folks at Final Draft to get back to me about export and import possibilities.


Please consider these feature requests because they will make it easier and more enjoyable to use Scrivener.