Screenplay Formatting - Auto Completing Mini-sluglines

I would like to be able to use mini sluglines after establishing the scene.

For instance:


Anne walks past the lockers on her way into –


Etc… etc…[/b]

In script settings it looks like you can add a new element, in script settings, that you can set up the same as Scene Heading without the INT, EXT, DAY, NIGHT etc rules, which gets you so far. What I can’t figure out is how to get this new element to interact with the Project Auto Complete list, so that I can autocomplete the new element with words in the same way you do with character names and scene headings.

Does anyone know if this Is possible? Running Scrivener 3.1.5

Many thanks.

Yes, you can. You need to add your new elements in the Script settings area, go to the Auto-Complete tab and activate Auto-Complete for that Element.


One caveat: if you’re writing a production script, making the mini-slugs a separate element from Scene Headings will not include them in Scene Numbering. Your AD/UPM will not thank you for this.

Thanks that has worked. Scene numbering for the AD is a problem for way down the road… will worry about it then!

And just because procrastination is easier than writing, I’ve tested it and it’s pretty easy to convert the minislugs back into the default scene headers using the convert format option. Which is proably best if changing formats. It also looks like the sequential numbering option works fine with minislug option if you were staying in Scrivener.