Screenplay: Importing a TXT and getting the formatting

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this has been covered before (please point me in the right direction if so).

I’m trying to co-write with a friend who is using Celtx. I want him to be able to send me TXT exports of his scenes so that I can import them into our screenplay.
However, when I do so, everything comes in as “general text” instead of the defined elements types.
Is there a way to auto-format the text once its imported, or a better way he can export that would allow Scrivener to get the formatting?
I think the only other export option in Celtx is HTML…
Thanks for any tips!


Can Celtx export/import the Final Draft format (fcf files)? It wouldn’t be of help to you right now but quite soon, Scrivener will have much better support for the Final Draft format, in both directions. But until then, perhaps somebody with more experience using this part of the application can be of service.

As far as I can tell it just exports/imports text or html.

Thanks for the tip - perhaps I will suggest to them the ability to support final cut files natively.

Hi, other users have mentioned CeltX. I’m hoping to look at how I can add better support for the next version. I can’t promise anything, but I can say that I will look into what can be done.
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