Screenplay mode - switching between formats

Hi Keith,

I’m hesitant to even point this out because I know programming the formatting for screenplay mode must have been a pain.

Anyway, while in screenplay mode, if I type in a word or sentence while in Action format and then select, say, Transition, the sentence is automatically all caps and right justified.

But if I change my mind and decide to format it for Action, Scrivener will move the sentence to the far left, but it will remain all caps.

I played around with this and it seems that once you choose a sentence or a word where the format calls for all caps (Scene Heading, Transition, Shot) and then you change it to a format that doesn’t have caps (Action, Dialogue, Parenthetical), it will still retain the caps format.

Yes - unfortunately there’s not much I can do about that. The conversion is strictly one way (you will see that exactly the same happens in Montage, which is a dedicated program). The trouble is that there is no way of guessing which letters you want in caps in things like general text and scene action. However, don’t worry - you don’t have to retype it. You can just select your text and use the “Convert” menu inside the “Text” menu to change it back to lowercase (or title case). Oh, and of course, “Undo” will also restore the text back to its original (non-capitalised) state.
All the best,