Screenplay Page Breaks Between Character and Dialogue in Export

Hi there! Hoping to transition to Scrivener for my screenwriting (TV and film). I just compiled a short film I wrote in Scrivener from scratch and noticed an issue where page breaks occur between the character and dialogue. I found some old posts about this (10+ years ago and v. 2) but no solutions were given. I have ensured that the “keep with following paragraph” is checked under the “Character” format. See photos (edit: I can’t upload photos yet, but hopefully that makes sense) Any help?

Hi drerinmac, and welcome to the forum.

When you’re compiling, which output file type are you using? As in, are you using PDF? Or, .fdx, .docx, or something else?

I ask because I’d suggest testing with RTF, which is Scrivener’s native file format. That should have the compile tools doing a minimum of conversion, so you can compare that output file and the placement of those elements to see how they’re handling the page breaks.

It could give us more to work with in determining why you’re getting those results.

I was compiling directly to PDF. I did do a test with RTF and it worked as it’s supposed to. Is there a reason the two are different (margins, etc)? It’d be nice to just directly compile to PDF when done and not have a middle software step.

So yes, there is a difference between the two. Thanks for the suggestion

There are some known issues with the keep with next setting and PDF. They’ve been flagged for our developer to review.

The current workaround is to compile to RTF since that preserves the formatting and then convert to PDF from there.