Screenplay Software that allows you to keep notes

By notes I mean characters, outline, plot etc. The ideal software exists in Scrivener of course, but don’t have access to a Mac atm :frowning:. I currently use WriteItNow 4 for novels but I cannot use it for screenplays :frowning:

I know there is Celtx but the text format is woeful and very limited. All the fancy bells and whistles are restricted to the screenplay.

Any suggestions for screenplay software that would also let me organise my writing notes?

Thanks in advance.


Final Draft 8 lets you enter ScriptNotes, which resemble comments in Pages or Word. But I suspect you want organizing tools, rather than later commentary. You may just want to work in a simple outliner, in order to set up the sequence of scenes and notes on characters.

Druid that’s exactly what I am looking for. Screenplay software that allows me to organize stuff as well.

Montage does it too. Montage is much cheaper but like most Mariner Soft stuff, they buy something cool at 1.X stage and then stop developing it.


But Montage is Mac-only, and Stacey doesn’t have access to a Mac at the moment. :slight_smile:

I’d suggest to rather work on the “don’t have access to a Mac”-end of the problem.

Not an option at the moment I’m afraid :frowning:

Maybe Writer’s Cafe?
I tried it years ago, and I don’t recall the specifics, but you can find it here: