Screenwriting--keeping treatment alongside formatted screenplay

I’m delving into a full feature film script, and have decided to use Scrivener as my writing tool of choice. I have a question as to how to best organize my writing as I begin copying my story and scenes into the document.

I’d like to keep a detailed descriptive treatment alongside the more finished formatted script, and to keep these linked together as I structure and reorganize the scenes. I know there are synopsis cards and documents notes sections. Can I view the document notes/synopses separately so that they create a full treatment when compiled? The other aspect is that I prefer the writing environment of the main window to the small/limited synopses/document notes section.

I know I could also keep separate documents/scenes for the treatment, but I would have to mirror all the changes in restructuring and organizing with the formatted script scenes, which makes the process more challenging. I would appreciate if anyone could suggest the best solution going forward…



One way you could do it is to keep the treatment for each scene as a subdocument of the scene itself, then open it in the other editor to view it alongside the current document. That way, when you move your scenes around, the treatments go with them. (Assuming there is a one to one ratio for treatments and scenes.)

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