Screenwriting Needs

I love that you guys are the “First Draft” for Final Draft, but for the screenwriting aspect of Scrivener to work for me (the outlining part is fantastic) I would need to see my running page count at the bottom of the page (it’s imperative to the trade - I’m always asked to cut or add pages) and I would love to see any int.s or ext.s automatically become Scene Headings like they do in Final Draft and MM and Montage. It keeps the writing flowing so we don’t have to highlight the text and then change the element. Hoping this will make it to 2.0. Thanks for the great product!

2.0 will have a page layout view, so in Edit Scrivenings mode you can see your entire draft with the page count at the bottom. As in Scrivener documents and scenes aren’t linked, I’m afraid it’s not possible for INT or EXT to be automatically represented in the binder, though.

Thanks and all the best,