Script compile to PDF hangs when asking it to Sequentially Number scenes


When setting Sequential Numbering in the Format/Scriptwriting/ Script Settings/Scene Headings/Paragraph/Options to anything other than None the compile hangs and never completes.

If I insert “<$n>.” in the Scene Headers, and have no Sequential Numbering displayed I can compile with scene numbers. It is the auto Sequential Numbering option that fails.

I am using Scrivener for Mac 3.1.1 on MacOS 10.13.06 (High Sierra). There were no Crash Logs.

I believe this issue was corrected in version 3.1.2 of Scrivener 3. Update to the latest version and see if that corrects the issue.

Yes, the latest version fixes this issue. Thanks very much.

Glad that worked! Happy writing! :smiley: