Script elements not auto-switching

Suddenly, in the middle of a stage play script, the elements stopped auto-switching. After a line of dialog, I hit return, and I’m still in dialog mode. I have to tab twice to switch to character. Then I type in the character name, hit return. and Scrivener is still in character mode. This time the tab key only takes me through a limited number of options, so I have to leave the keyboard and use the mouse to select dialog from the bottom of the screen.

Restarted, read through forum posts, tried everything I found. Nothing has fixed it. Any ideas?

Two Literature and Latte knowledge base articles that might be helpful –

If it’s happening in one project, reset the project’s display settings: … y-settings

If it’s happening in multiple projects, or resetting the display settings didn’t help: … references

Thanks for sharing these. Oddly enough, after writing several more pages (slowly, due to the constant manual switching), it suddenly and inexplicably started working again. No idea why. But I have bookmarked these two KB articles in case it happens again. Thanks so much!