Script mode - adding extra line after paragraphs?

Hi everyone - was wondering if there’s an easy way to add an additional HARD return after paragraphs in script mode.
By paragraphs I mean scene heading, action, character+dialog, etc.

They’re already separated by spacing settings, which is fine in scrivener, but exporting to another scriptwriting program is problematic because the plain text output doesn’t break up the elements.
They’re all together with no empty lines, so other apps are having a hard time figuring out what is what.
Meaning, currently the text output looks like:

INT. TEST -- TEST Testing action. TEST CHARACTER Hello.
And I want:

[code]INT. TEST – TEST

Testing action.


Thanks in advance for any tips.

You can enter a newline manually - why don’t you just hit return twice? The next update actually adds an option to the Compile Draft sheet that allows you to convert a double space to two newlines on export for for just this reason, though (although the next update won’t be out until later in the year).

Thanks Keith - this is a script that is already written (my first full project done in scrivener, yay!).
I didn’t realize til I was done that the spacing would make it hard to move into MovieMagic to get the formatting just right for submission.

I’ll probably just fix this one up manually in MM, and by the time I’m starting a new script hopefully the next update will be out.

Something that just occured to me though - is there a way to search and replace and include a “newline” character in the replace? That’d probably get me 75% of the way there - replace “INT.” with “(newline)INT.”, etc. That would cover all the character names and scene headings, at least.

Not to answer my own question, but just found on MacOSXhints that you can replace with special characters like so:





So I think that will get me over the hump!

I didn’t know that ctrl-Q thing. Is there a list somewhere? I often need to do what you’re talking about too.