Script Mode/Auto-complete Scene Headings

Hi all! I have used script mode successfully for years, and am bumping into a problem:

Usually, when I enter a new character name in the “character” style, or a location in the “scene” style, that text automatically gets added to the auto-complete list for the project.

On my most recent project, this is still happening for character names, but NOT happening for locations.

I can only think of three possible explanations:

  1. I changed some general Scrivener setting that borked the auto-complete behavior for script mode; 2) I changed something in script settings that borked the auto-complete behavior; 3) this is NOT how Scrivener has ever worked, and I am somehow mis-remembering how I got all my scene headings before.

I would be so grateful if anyone can post a working solution!

In case others have the same problem, I thought I would post my discovery: scene headings will ONLY be automatically added to the auto-complete list if you TAB from the “int/ext” field into the “location” field. If you somehow end up typing, as I apparently did, the location does not get memorized. This makes perfect sense, and is likely explained fully in the manual, but apparently I never needed the explanation until this script, when I appear to have stopped tabbing for some reason. Lesson learned!