Script Mode tab after Parenthetical problem

I am seeing a persistent element switch problem where tabbing does not take me to the assigned element, but to the element assigned to return. This misfire in element transition is consistent:

Tabbing after typing a Parenthetical should take me to Dialogue, but it instead acts as though I had typed a return and takes me to Character.

Notably, if one manually moves the cursor to after the automated close paren and then hits tab, the transition to Dialogue works as intended. So, this looks like the code is failing to recognize that the cursor is at the effective end of the paragraph and compensate for the fact that the formatting has prevented it from also being at the literal end of the paragraph.


Scriv 2.7 (+)

Thanks for the report, and sorry for the late reply. I believe I have fixed this for the 2.8 update on our site. (The fix is not in our Mac App Store 2.8 update or our iOS 1.0, however, and will be in the next update for those, as those are already pending release with Apple.)

Thanks and all the best,