Script Settings Help

I’m hoping that you can tell me what I’m doing wrong in setting up my “script settings.”

Format\Scriptwriting\script settings\Dialogue\Paragraph
I want this to start at .75 (After reading the “ruler conversion” info from pg 158-9 of the manual I am subtracting an inch)
Alignment set to “left.”
Spacing: 1x
Left Indent: .75 (this is where I EXPECT the cursor land when I click on Dialogue)
Right Indent: 6.50(this is where I expect the end of the page to be)
First line indent: 0.00
First tab: 0.00
Spacing before: 24 pt.
I have made the changes clicked on “OK” and when I go back to my screen play click on dialogue the cursor goes to 0.00. I closed the program and re-opened it, checked the settings to verify nothing had changed, clicked “OK.” Returned to the screenplay clicked dialogue and boom right back to 0.00

I’m not quite following what you are looking for as the intended result. It sounds to me as though 0.00 would be the expected behaviour here, because you have the first-line indent set to 0.00. The 0.75 setting will not make an impact until you have written enough dialogue for the line to wrap.

One other note: you probably do not want a right-indent of 6.5". The one inch rule applies to the right side as well, which means that would be more like 7.5", or only half an inch from the edge of the paper.