script writing limitation... hope see them disapear in the final!

I do love scrivener, and use it on iOs manly now. I swtiched to windows for the desktop, so I hope to have the final soon!

There is still a limitation on windows it dont get… Why we cannot organise the order of the item in the script settings menu?

We should be able ti put scene Heading in position 2 and action in 1 for instance,…

And last… why the menu about script writing is so deep in the menu It should have hs proper axxes?? Its something I use all the time and its annoying to go so deep in the menu? Its a basic UI point : avoid to many gesture…


Hope at least the 1st one (that is totally necessary in my point of view, and not so hard to do, no?


(if not scrivener is amazing)

Am I the only one using the screenwriter feature in scrivener?