Script writing mode / numbering

I think it would be great to add an automatic numbering for scenes in script writing mode. Because actually we’re obliged to put the number manually. And when we change order of scenes we have to redo it.

This is a little difficult to implement in the program since “scene” can be a wide variety of different outline structures. For some there might be several scenes in a single document, for others a scene might be a group of files. As far as Scrivener is concerned, it doesn’t even “know” what a scene is; a slugline is just a different formatting style than a piece of dialogue. Is your concern primarily for the final output? If so it’s easiest to just switch on numbering in your scriptwriting software.

In fact, sometimes you have to specify a reference to a particular scene in another scene in a script. And it’s really easier for people work on the printed document (in the production) to refer to a number to know what exactly happen in a scene. So, this last point could be in the final ouput, yes. But, before, in the script, if you want to add a special reference for any occasion, you can’t. It would be good also if we can edit the full document. Because sometimes you have to change things in a script during the production. And if it’s necessary to regenerate the numbering, it’s not really practical.
I didn’t understand what you mean by “switch on numbering in your scriptwriting software” ?
For the moment, I only use Scrivener.