Scriptwriting bugs

I noticed a few bugs using the scriptwriting option, and since they seem to appear and disappear randomly I didn’t post these in the bug section. Maybe some other users noticed these bugs and know how to bypass them.

I am on a Mac OS 10.10.2 and using Scrivener 2.6

When in Script Mode, I use Stage Play US, sometimes after the DIALOGUE formatting mode the press to the return doesn’t take me to the CHARACTER formatting mode.
Sometimes when in FULL SCREEN COMPOSITION mode the CHARACTER name is not typed in capitals but if I exit from fullscreen and go to the normal document view the formatting is respected.

On the first one, that can happen if you accidentally add a modifier to the return key. Some of those will insert a line feed instead of a full paragraph break, which keeps you in the same element just like you describe. Check for this problem by enabling Format/Options/Show Invisibles and checking the ends of lines where the double character element occurred. If you see a little curvy arrow instead of a pilcrow symbol, then that’s a line feed.

The second: does this only happen after the above? Or is there some other sequence that is required. If you can figure out what it takes to make that happen let me know. I don’t recall hearing about a bug of that nature before.

Thank you for your reply. I’ll try and pay attention to all the steps should the Capitals bug occur again.