Scriptwriting Stage Play in IOS Dialogue automatically Bold

Hello, I have been using the scriptwriting mode (stageplay UK) on my iPad. When typing under the “character & dialogue” setting, the dialogue on the line immediately following the character name (after hitting tab) is automatically Bold. When starting a new line, purely “dialogue” the text is not bold—creating incredibly inconsistent formatting.

When using the template on my mac, this issue does not appear with the character name in bold and all text not bold.

Is this a known bug, or any way around it? I’m having to manually un-bold every line of dialogue typed.

Thank you!

Thanks for the report. I can reproduce this using stock settings from a project copied over from the Windows version as well. The settings are okay:

  1. On the Mac, use Format/Scriptwriting/Script Settings... and examine the Font tab for the “Character & Dialogue” element.
  2. The Style to… setting is properly set to “First Tab”.

I’ll get this written up as an issue for the iOS version. Part of it is working—if it was not working at all then we would get uppercase dialogue as well.

I also noticed that if I changed the setting to “Character(s)” and inserted a :, this also works fine on Mac/PC, so I was hoping that could be used as a workaround. Well, unfortunately that crashes the iOS version. So two bugs for the price of one. :slight_smile:

So, I think the only effective workaround is to disable the bold option in script settings, and either manually bold the character name when typing it in, or live without the bold treatment if you can get away with it.