scriptwriting ∞ transcript ∞ media playback...

I’ve been using Scrivener for 2+ years and this app just gets better and better. Thank you to all involved.

I need some guidance in the scriptwriting / transcript area:

I can’t get the setting of my own rewind / fast forward time increment to work.

Presently the ⌥⇧⌘] and the ⌥⇧⌘[ are working with the built in 2 seconds back and forward. But the ⌃⌘] and the ⌃⌘[ don’t do anything.

I’ve been to preferences > behaviors > playback and changed the number of seconds and ensured that the “rewind with pause” button in the media control bar is on. what am I missing?

By the way, the ability to control play/pause/rewind and fast forward from the other editor and not lease the keyboard is inspired. It is indicative of the importance the design team puts on your user’s experience. Thank you.


  1. “Viewing Multimedia Documents” on page159
    “— Youmayskipforwardandbackwardbyanumberofsecondswiththe⌃⌘] and ⌃⌘[ shortcuts, respectively. As with the above, these shortcuts also work from the opposing split.”

  2. page 743 “Media ▸ Fast Forward ⌃⌘ ] Jump playback forward by two seconds. This short- cut works while playback is running or paused. In the latter case, it will stay paused at the new position.
    Media▸Rewind⌃⌘[ Jump playback backward by two seconds, and otherwise follows all of the rules outlined above”