Scriv 3 Compile removes italics

This question has not really been adequately answered, so I’m putting it up again with a request for an answer that does not involve stripping all my italics out of the Scrivener file.

Scrivener Windows v3 strips out all italics when I compile. One suggested solution to another user was to strip out all styles within the Scriv doc. Well, that strips out any use of italics throughout the document! So it’s not a solution.

I set compile to override the font size (which it properly did, changing 14pt to 12pt for Word), but nothing I do fixes my issue with italics. Anyone know the answer?


Given how you describe the state of the text, it’s probably this bug, which was recorded and explained in-depth here.

Amber, sounds as if you are correct. While I wait for the fix in the next update, I’ll tread lightly on using styles within my Scrivener doc, but I just hate the default settings and a style seemed the best way to get text on the screen in the way I’m used to seeing (& writing) it and have it large enough to read comfortably.


Why not change the defaults? That’s way easier than mucking around with styles.

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?? What defaults? Where? in the Scrivener file?

I believe I identified a bug (confirmed by another user) and this answer is non-specific enough to be annoying.

If visual size is the only problem, you can set zoom for the editor in the lower left of the editor pane. If you hate the default font, go to File → Options, select Editing icon and Formatting tab under it. There you can set just about everything you’d like about editor font.

The compile bug is appears to be tied to styles that include character formmating in addition to paragraph formatting. It will wipe out itallic, bold, and underline added to the text inside that style. If you want to quickly get past the bug in text you’ve already styled, you can select a paragraph in the style(such as “Code Block”) and the go to Format → Style → Redifine Style from Selection and select the style name. When you get the popup, in the “formatting” section, select “Save Paragraph Style” and uncheck “include font family” and “include font size” boxes. Repeat for any other styles that affect character attributes. (It’s painful, but getting rid of styles that affect the font, size, or other character attributes seems to get past the compile bug. Pargraph-only styles seem to be OK.)

Thanks. That helps a lot. I still have to fix several short stories I’m working on that already have styles incorporated, but at least I know what’s going on and can more forward.

Thanks again,

I try not to use styles to change character attributes but just to “tag” text that isn’t treated as body, like a block quotation or verse. I then handle font/size/spacing (e.g. typesetting issues) in the compiler setup. The compiler is very customizable, even if it’s easy to get lost in it. :wink:

Allegedly, the style/compiler bug will be fixed in an update, but it’s pretty unclear when to expect any bug fixes for the Windows version.

The Windows development was an intense 3-year effort. I suspect the team needs psych evals and tons of off time this year.

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You can set the default formatting for the current project in the Project → Project Settings → Formatting pane, or Scrivener-wide in the File → Options → Editing → Formatting pane.

Default formatting is discussed in the section of that name in the Tutorial project, available from the Help menu.

That said, there is an update in the works that contains around 100 bug fixes and improvements that we are in the final stages of getting prepared. So the notion that we’re just taking a break isn’t quite accurate. :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you. I actually know how to do that. My response was based on the limited info provided that would be useless to anyone else looking for a response and knowing less about the inner workings of project setup. It’s easy to sit back and give a quick response that’s more irritating than helpful. I hope the bug does get fixed. Meanwhile, I have at least a half dozen short stories and a 52,000 work in progress that are affected by this, so it’s not something I take lightly.

That’s good to know. And I wouldn’t think any of you are sitting back and taking breaks, although I certainly believe you all deserve one. The changes within Scrivener 3 for Windows show a massive amount of work. Then there’s the pdf manual. It’s written more narratively than many and makes for a conversational flow that is quite good, especially for non techies. There are bound to bugs in any major development. So thanks for all the hard work.

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Yeah. I tend to use one style that has all my generic formatting (including getting rid of the annoying multiple tab settings in the ruler) and strip things down to the basics I want. It’s a holdover from heavy Word usage before working with Scrivener. So it was a real shock to find Scrivener overwriting simple attributes (italics) within a paragraph during Compile.

One of the real advantages of Scrivener is that it separates composing from formatting, unlike common WYSIWIG editors like word. Once you get used to not worrying about formatting while composing and then having the compiler string 30 chapters into a good looking book (or even a good looking Word doc for my editor) like magic, you’ll wonder why you spent so much time fussing with formatting the old way. This is just a real unfortunate bug that slipped through, which sounds like it’s well on the way to getting squashed. :smile: