Scriv 3 under Wine auto complete esc key not working

I have Scrivener 3 working well under Wine except for one very annoying problem. In script mode I have auto complete enabled so I don’t have to type the character name for each line of dialogue. The problem occurs with the dialogue. Under Windows, if I type some dialogue that has the first letter of a character name, the auto complete box popup appears but I can dismiss it with the esc key.

In Manjaro KDE, the esc does nothing in this situation. I have looked at all the custom keyboard shortcuts for Wine and for KDE and tried adding esc as a KDE custom key for the application Scrivener, but nothing works. I have tried spacebar, backspace and many other keys but I can’t get rid of the auto complete popup.

At the moment my choices are (i) turn off auto complete and type in the character name before each line of dialogue or (ii) go back to Windows.

Suggestions very welcome.