Scriv placehodlers in LaTeX commands don't work ?

Hi there,

Just tryin’ to display the value of a placeholder in the header of a page, but I don’t understand why I doesn’t work. =(

In the compile format (MMD>PDF), I have written this in the Document Prefix : (same problem if I write the command in the LaTeX Header)



And in the PDF :
![Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 02.50.03.png|704x114](upload://9hrbwD5Sk1Oe8xy0DMfmnAX8lPa.png)

In my mind, Scrivener replaces the placeholder with its value before sending everything to mmd then LateX, so ...?

Thanks for the help !

This morning I tried to write only <$label> in the document prefix, and it appears it doesn’t expand at all. Did I miss something about placeholders ?!

Damn, I solved it.
I just wrote my stuff in the Section prefix (Section Layouts), and not in the Compile Format “Text Layout” pane, and it works like magic !

Yes, the overall Text Layout pane is inserted before and after the entire document, it does not relate to any individual items in the binder that are used to create that document. So in that context there isn’t a universal <$label> for the whole project. But it works in Section Layouts because those are applied to individual binder items, which can of course have labels assigned to them.