Scrivener 1.10

The 1.1 release of Scrivener speaks of a vision well executed; a beautiful piece of software engineering.

The L&L web site update, namely the Links page, speaks of the man. I’ve never seen anything like it. Scrivener’s competitors must be picking themselves up off of the floor.

Refreshing indeed. :smiley:

Thanks for all the kind words.

As for the logo: anyone who wants to improve on it or design a better one is welcome to do so. :slight_smile:



Best (by far) app I own.

Thank you, Keith. Scrivener has changed everything for me.
And now, incredibly, you’ve made it even better.


Hi Keith, I like the iridescent blue ash tray and the decadent bottle on the desk and even the sneaky disguise - you have really taken on the Scrivener persona, BUT what are you reading???

Grand update, Keith. Everything went flawlessly and, to borrow a phrase from Apple’s recent past, it just works.

Scrivener’s full screen implementation is just so exquisite, I find myself gasping each time I invoke it. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!


The book / coffee cup logo is nice, it does look awkward as a grey silhouette, though. Wouldn’t it be possible to use the normal non-silhouette version in the about-screen?


I really am in awe of you. 1.10 is beautiful, elegant and so damned useful i don’t seem to need most of the other junk on my computer. Thanks & cheers! ~katz


This 1.1 is so great, I’m seriously thinking of migrating all the translations and their originals that I have in separate folders on my hard disk, which I have gathered over the last 6 years or so, into appropriate Scrivener projects each one labelled for the person who commissioned the translation or asked me to edit it.

I will be able to clean up a whole load on my hard disk and remove a number of icons from my dock, as the only text processing application I need now is Scrivener, with Nisus Writer Pro to produce the final print versions. I’ve already taken to dragging any attached files from emails straight into Scrivener projects, rather than opening them in Nisus and saving them to disk first.

Same with all the clutter for the notes and preparation material for lecture presentations … I can do nearly the whole lot in Scrivener …

I can’t thank you enough! Life is about to become much more sane!


I wondered if carrying on the two shades of gray in the lit & lat lettering (fun to say!) might help clarify the logo. I don’t have the hi-res to play with, but here’s a mock-up low-res…

I like it! Check out the main page for my own version… There’s not as much contrast in mine, because I wanted to keep it fairly subtle, but it is now easier to see what it is (I hope). The same will appear in the About box of 1.11.

Yes, that’s it. Now you can tell book & cup apart. Intro-Screen still says 1.0 shipping, by the way.

Sounds like you need to refresh the page - it says that 1.10 is now available and has a screenshot on there…


Sorry, you’re right. Page was still in the cache. Screenshot with mirror looks cool!

Yes, lovely new logo!

One other odd note…

Perhaps a post in the Announcements part of the forum about the new version?


I’m loving it! Thanks for all your hard work. :smiley:

I haven’t even scratched the surface of the improvements you’ve made as I’ve been doing my own other-than-writing-projects… but could this get better? I can tell that you have the “just have to get this right” bug. It bodes well for your writing projects, but bodes better (well, it alliterates) for all of us using Scrivener. Kudos, kudos! Amazing update for amazing software.

Now, as a shrink I know that all this praise will simply reinforce your hyper-focus on Scrivener to the detriment of your actual writing, so… Bad Keith! We all hate the changes to Scrivener. You should never touch a coding tool again. Back to your writing where your competence really shines.

Well, I knew it wouldn’t really work, thank goodness!

Thats got to be the worst example of applied psychology and the most pathetically blatant and gratuitous attempt at schmoosing, that Ive encountered in a very long time. It make me want to puke!

vic :open_mouth:

I also really love the update! I was so excited when I opened Scrivener this morning to write some poetry.

One quick question, though. Under the “view” menu, is “binder affects” supposed to say “binder effects”? This has been bothering me, but I don’t know whether it’s some programming-jargon or not.

Thanks for all your hard work!

I’m not a native speaker but to me it seems correct. The binder affects (as in relates to) current editor, alternate editor, etc. Useful when working in split windows. Binder effects could be nice, too – some blinking and shaking once in a while to keep you awake.