Scrivener 1.10

A big “THANK YOU” Keith. Without doubt you’ve delivered a monumental effort resulting in what I can only describe as a superb example of world-class professional software. Now use it and take the time to write that novel - by God you’ve earned it!

Roy :smiley:

And thank you from me too, Keith - 1.1 is all installed and looking great.

Good luck with locking the software developer in the cupboard, and letting the author out to play. I look forward to reading your novel! Let us know when we can pre-order it :wink: In the meantime, I hope you enjoy using Scrivener in earnest as much as I do. It truly is a joy to work with.

Couldn’t agree more. Keith, 1.1.0 is cracking. Thanks for all the months (years?:slight_smile: of hard work. Cheers.

I very nearly cried when I realized that 1.1 allows you to see and edit the synopsis in full screen view. How absolutely wonderful – on top of everything else that’s awesome.

Thank you so much, Keith, for the work and care that you put into this program.

And now to your own writing…


Just fired Scrivener up to get my work done for the day, and there was 1.10 waiting for me. Sweet.

Cheers, Ken. Very excited about the new version.

Oh. By the way, kick ass in NaNoWriMo. I’m cheering for you.

Thanks all!

P.S. Who’s Ken? :slight_smile:

Isn’t he that bloke who manages John Shuttleworth? :wink:

Oooh Aaah!

This is brilliant Keith.

PS: The Web splash page is still saying v 1.0 is now shipping.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks from me too. Scrivener has been my main writing tool since I discovered Scrivener Gold in July 06 and I’ve seen the work you’ve done to get here. It looks like 1.10 is the tool you set out to create - and much more. Well done. I have a feeling this is going to get a lot of attention.


Beautiful, Keith. As always, this update exceeds all expectations for both features and stability. I hope you are continuing to expand your user base.

Keith, thanks for the kick ass update!

PS the site looks great as well.

Pigeons in flight… I want to see you tonight…

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Aren’t those lines from the song “Afternoon Delight”? :smiley:

I’m quite enjoying the 1.1 release. Thanks so much for the dedication you’ve shown in the fixes, additions, etc.

The only bit I’ve found somewhat jarring so far is the logo of sorts in the About box and about the site in a few places. Once you’ve seen the site, and the actual photo graphic, it makes some graphic sense. But when I first saw the gray version, I thought there must be an error. I wonder if someone who hasn’t visited the site will have a clear idea what the graphic represents. I’ve been to the site and forum many times, and it took a bit to figure out what was going on.

But the writing parts, all great!

About the lit&lat logo in the bottom left corner that’s true. Thought it was a gun the first time I opened the about box.

Many Thanks, Keith, for 1.1 new hipness.

Normally, I wouldn’t have much time to dig deep into a new software update. Seeing as we’re ON STRIKE as of a couple of hours ago (sigh), I guess I’ll have some time on my hands.

You’ve provided the new build with eerie prescience, my friend…

Thank you very much for this awesome upgrade. I must say that I have written my dissertation in Scrivener. I have edited my third novel in Scrivener. And I’m writing my fourth novel in Scrivener. That is to say that I can hardly imagine writing without it.

The main page looks great too. Thank you very much for creating this tool that has redefine the way I see computers in my creative process.

This is a milestone. Congratulations! It’s great to see the whole package as it is now. Not only do we have an incredible useful tool at our hands, now the homepage looks great (I am still amazed by your honesty - if this is not your kind of software, just try these other apps), the FAQ are updated, the really helpful intro movie is there (although I demand you appear personally in a black t-shirt and call it a “Guided Tour” :wink: ). I discovered Scrivener exactly a year ago, and it’s evolved much further than I had expected.

Well done Keith.
Thank you!