Scrivener 1.11 now available

I’m sort of regretting talking about the future update as I get asked this question every day now. :slight_smile: The time frame, as always, is that it will be ready when it is right and I am happy with it. There’s a long way to go yet, so we’re talking Autumn at the very earliest, possibly Winter or later.

The Steven Wright answer (I love this one):

“How long will it take?”


A quid an answer Skipper!! A quid purr answer :smiling_face:

Snort feels the same about a specific answer she gave once. The question was a bit different though.

Will you take this man…

Her dad may have been right. She never should have answered that one.

My heart goes out to snort. I really don`t know how she copes.

Keith, I would like a connection between my Scrivener and all my other gadgets at home (TV, refrigirator, etc.) that would make it possible for everything in my houste to start beeping when it becomes obvious that I haven’t written enough that day. Possible? And as you’re into that, could you make it possible for Scrivener to shut down every other electronic device at home (phone, desktop computer, door bell etc.) automatically between say 22:00 and 00:00? (Scrivener should decide which hours are most write-worthy based on the temperature, the humidity, the position of the sun etc.) I hope I’m not being a burden.

Anyway even without these (which I’m sure would make Scrivener a much more powerfull tool) I want to thank you again for having developed this wonderfull program. It’s truely a masterpiece.

Ha. All of those features are slated for the next update, don’t worry…
Thanks for the kind words!

*These features are only available in the full featured deluxe Portland Version of Scrivener (Rumor is even has its own digital Beer opener!)

*Not available in the stripped down version everyone else gets.

Export Quality. :slight_smile:


I am hyperventilating at the very thought of having to master an updated corkboard.
If you could include a martini mixer, I’d be much more amenable.
vic-k will back me up.


Take no notice o this Bimbo, Capn, her brains pickled!!
Beware bloatware Skipper!!


Don’t worry, there’s nothing really to master. There are a few extra options in the footer view that you can completely ignore if you want to, in which case it will work exactly as it is. There are some visual tweaks (such as rounded corners - if you want them; you can turn them off if you want, too). And, you can view the contents of more than one folder at a time by selecting more than one folder in the binder. That’s all - nothing too complicated, I hope. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your hard work! That’s a big list of mods… I think I managed to read down to about half-way then I glazed out :slight_smile:

A great piece of software :slight_smile:

Is there a timetable for the next update? Not to press or anything, just curious … and curiouser …

First quarter of 2009. There’s still a lot to do. When it’s at a stage where there is only the help file to update, then I will release a public beta - hopefully around February time. But I have had to put it back time and time again because of the hugeness of the update that I don’t want to set even a month in stone at the moment.
Thanks and all the best,

I hear you – and thanks for the continued effort!