Scrivener 1.11 now available

Hello all,

Scrivener 1.11 is now available for download. You can install it either by downloading the DMG from the main product page or by using “Check for Updates” from the Scrivener menu inside the program itself. 1.11 is mainly a bug-fix release for 1.10 and only adds a couple of minor features, but I strongly recommend that you update to it.

The full change list can be found here:

All the best,

Many thanks for this o so wonderful app… I’m truly new here, I’m no writer at all (if not for a couple of blob of text which could even recalled as a beginning of a story, here and there) but you got me hooked :laughing:
You are doing a great job, really, I’ve spent about what… a couple of hours and then I bought it!

Greetings from Italy, under a rainy sky

Andrea “hawksmoor” Scatena

Thank you Santa. :smiley:

And big compliments for the revamping of the website, too … Maybe I missed something in recent times, but it’s the first time I see it in its new appearance. It’s an absolute joy for the eye!

Excellent release. Thanks a lot!

Thanks, Keith. You’re a pearl.
Now take a break for the holidays. You deserve it.


Oh, Keith, thank you so much. You are an absolute angel. I will download it this weekend. I have been waiting with bated breath, since I just knew I would screw up the beta if I tried to do it earlier. What a lovely Christmas present.

I agree–go take a richly deserved break for the holidays now. Preferably somewhere warm, with fetchingly clad maidens bearing drinks with umbrellas to your poolside cabana.

Keith, I’ve just renamed my first-born Scrivenerella in your honor. :smiley:

The “underline in script” change has a nice side effect for me - previously, when I underlined a word for emphasis (the standard in comics) Scriv would no longer recognise the element as dialogue.

Not a big thing, as I just did all the emphasis underlining in FD instead (where I do final formatting anyway); but now, thanks to this change, it still recognises the element in Scriv. This is extremely valuable, thank you! :smiley:

Thanks, Keith. The more I use Scrivener, the more I become enamored of it. It’s a splendid app for writers. :smiley:

Im still trying to find, The Idiots Guide to Scriveners Tutorial v.1.03 tch! :blush: Where is it! :open_mouth:

Cap,n Sir!

Its em there discounts!!! Theys all be affer discounts, Skipper :open_mouth:

rat :frowning:

Very nice, Keith. My manuscript thanks you (and my old manuscripts are much more responsive on import now, before I split them up).


I know I’m late noticing this, but… Great!

Thanks for the support, Keith.

Very late, given that the next update is over half-done and is a biggie. :slight_smile: Thanks, though!
All the best,

Thanks for the update.

Oh, I’m intrigued. And also a little worried. I love Scr. and would hate to see it change too much. Or have a whole lot more features. It pushes my little iBook to its limit as it is.

Forgive a nervous, but loyal, Scr. user. It’s by far the major program I use for my whole life! (nothing grandiose about that statement).


It’s not going to be radically different, don’t worry. It’s more of a refinement release. I’m fixing all the things I was never happy with - cluttered preferences pane, cluttered Compile Draft, clumsy Find Highlight/Find Annotation panels and suchlike. The corkboard is more flexible and there is the option of a page layout mode for scriptwriters, but mainly it is just a big refinement rather than a big change.

Hi Keith. Sounds really good! Thanks for the reassurance!


Looking forward to the update! You got a timeframe? Thanks for all your continued hard work …