Scrivener 1.54 now available


Just to let you know that Scrivener 1.54 is now available for download. Scrivener 1.54 is mainly a bug-fix release for 1.53. It fixes the 10.6.2-related full screen crashing bug by providing a new default full screen scroller and also the bug whereby the link at the bottom of web pages always took you to the L&L home page. It also updates WriteRoom sync’ing to point to by default. Please see the change list for full details.

As always, you can either download afresh by clicking on “Download Now” on the main product page or go through the automatic updater, which you can access by selecting “Check for Updates” from the Scrivener menu within Scrivener if it doesn’t prompt you to update automatically. Note that 1.54 also fixes a bug in some of the templates whereby you would see a “Files were recovered” message upon creating a new project from certain templates, so you may wish to download afresh anyway so that you can reinstall the templates from the Extras Installer.

Barring any unforeseen nasty bugs, this should be the last version of 1.x. With a bit of luck, the next update - later in the year - will be 2.0.

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks a lot Keith. I’ve been looking forward to this, and downloaded it as soon as I picked up the email. So far so good …

Whoo hoo! using Scrivener now to prepare a training course outline, this is a welcome distraction activity. Download is amazingly slow, thought Amazon had some decent resources.

Cheers Keith!

To the tune of the “Earwig” song, “two point nought, two point nought, two point nought nought nought, …”

EDIT: 1.5.3 was 11Mb in size, 1.5.4 is 18, have you left some debugging code in there?

Actually both Scrivener 1.53 and 1.54 are just over 31MB in size - you are talking about the DMG installation file. The reason for the difference in size is probably that I used an earlier version of File Storm to build the earlier DMG. Snow Leopard changed the way DMGs work, and FileStorm has just been updated to account for that, but it seems to leave the disk images larger.

Don’t install this upgrade! 1.54 gave my sister a black eye and knocked up my dog!

(I haven’t had much time to poke around, but what I’ve seen so far looks good. :slight_smile: )

I got the link off of twitter and downloaded immediately. Looking good, loaded up my 400 page manuscript no problem. Thanks Keith.

Quick feedback on 1.5.4, Keith.

  1. Importing .doc files in mixed Chinese and English produced on Chinese Windows PCs no longer open with the Chinese hidden … that’s absolutely great. Means reference documents don’t have to be converted to default text format to be able to see the Chinese.

  2. On the other hand, first annotation in such a .doc still came up in black. On the other hand, having changed it to red, doing editing of the main (black) text and then returning to the annotation no longer turned it back to black, unlike under 1.5.3.

  3. On an ad-hoc estimate, 1.5.4 does seem a bit slower than 1.5.3 to load any document in memory when it was last shut down — perhaps any document — not that that’s a major problem.

So, for me, this version seems to be proving a good step forward. Many, many thanks.


Edit: spoke slightly too soon. It seems that all my annotations in this imported .doc are coming up in black. But once they’re converted to red, that seems to stick. Not as frustrating as under the previous version, though. As far as I’m concerned, I can live with this … I’d rather you didn’t let it take time away from working on 2; that’s much more important.

Hi Mark,

Curious - this must be the result of a very minor change I made in the way text documents get loaded from disk. I used to do it like this (pseudo-code, of course).

textForThisDocument = [DocumentOnDisk loadTheText];

Now I do it like this:

textOnDisk = [DocumentOnDisk loadTheText];
textForThisDocument = [SomeNewText replaceAllCharactersWith:textOnDisk];

Both should do exactly the same, but there is an obscure bug in the Cocoa text system where they don’t, and the former could lead to some unknown characters being imported as invisible rather than as squares indicating unknown characters, which in turn would lead to exceptions getting thrown when you edited the text, because the text system got confused about where the characters had gone.

Curious. Someone else reported annotations coming up black in new documents, but as far as I can see - which tallies with what you say - changing annotation colours should stick now and not automatically change to black just because you click in some black text. Word .docs are unique in that whereas most RTF documents don’t have any colour assigned to black text, Word .docs apply the black colour to black text. And the Cocoa colour panel will change to use whatever colour the current text uses. This is the source of all of these problems.

My guess is that this is just a coincidence or an illusion. :slight_smile: The loading code is exactly the same as in 1.53. I am assuming you’re talking about loading a .scriv project, and not about loading a text document within a project.

Hmm, but it could affect 2.0 too, so I’d like to see what is happening. Do you mean an imported Word RTF document with comments comes in with its annotations in black, or that when you go to make an annotation inside an imported Word document the annotation is black? Actually, strike that, I’ve just reproduced it - I see what you mean. And as it affects 2.0, too, I’ll look into it (though there may be no fix until 2.0).

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks for the response, Keith. On point 3, it is just an impression. What I mean is that when I shut down Scrivener, I have a project open, so when I start Scriv up again, that project opens automatically. My impression is that it is a tad slower, but nothing to worry about.

Glad you see what I mean about the annotations, and absolutely, any changes can wait until 2. Mind you, I do wish there was a menu entry for colours, as in Nisus, so that I could set up a key-stroke to make the change without needing to call up the colour dialog. Don’t worry, I’m not asking for it … until Scriv 4 perhaps … along with multiple character shortcuts à la Nisus! :wink:


PS Where have all the smiley’s gone?

There’s definitely been no change in the project re-opening code, so I very much doubt it’s slower.

I’ve just found and fixed the remaining annotation problem by refusing to allow annotations to be changed to the same colour as the foreground colour of the text. It’s a minor limitation, but it avoids all the automatic colour changes when clicking into text caused by the Cocoa colour panel being hard wired only to affect foreground colour (getting it to affect annotation colours and highlights takes a lot of workarounds).

All the best,

I was just about to grab the Scriptfrenzy version to get the page counter. Is that 1.53 or 1.54? I may still do so anyway, but I’d want to upgrade to 1.54 after April (unless I find I cannot live without the page counter, in which case I may just have to wait until 2.0…). On the other hand, if 1.54 is overall happier, maybe I should just help myself procrastinate by converting to PDF obsessively to check my page count. Hmmmm…!

There’s very little difference between 1.54 and the Script Frenzy edition - 1.54 has a couple of very minor bug fixes that were done in the past couple of weeks, but other than that they are the same. I would recommend using the SF version if you need the page count, then replacing it with 1.54 after April, just as you are considering.

All the best,

Excellent. Thank you, Keith!

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