Scrivener 1.54 on Lion?


I upgraded to Scrivener 2.0 when it came out but reverted back to 1.54 because I need the “include in screenplay” feature.

(because I put scene old versions and scene notes as children of a scene and I uncheck “include in screenplay”)

Does Scrivener 1.54 work in Lion as it works in Snow Leopard?


ps: if the “include in screenplay” or an equivalent feature has been put back since 2.0, that’s great too…

Wait, do you mean the checkbox in the General Meta-data area of the Inspector? That has always been in 2.x, it was never removed. Now, do note that in the past this checkbox would change names depending on what you renamed your Draft folder to. So if you renamed it to “screenplay” then the checkbox would become “Include in screenplay”. This was changed in 2.x (precisely to avoid this sort of confusion) to the generic “Include in Compile”. Same flag—just without the dynamic naming stuff.

Open your Inspector by clicking the blue ‘i’ icon in the toolbar, in in the middle “General Meta-Data” section, you should see this checkbox. You can also, just as with in 1.x, still administrate these checkboxes in the Outliner and the Compile interface itself.

To answer your other question though: 1.54 has not been tested in Lion. I did briefly fire it up to see if it would launch, and I typed in a few words. It seemed to be working, but by no means do we officially endorse it. Using 1.54 on Lion is at your own risk. It might be perfectly fine, but full screen will no longer work, and who knows if there are underlying critical bugs.

Thanks for your reply.

But what I lack is the “Edit Scrivenings -> Edit Content Included in Screenplay”. To see my screenplay, not the scene notes etc.

I could make a saved search for " " and check “included in compile” but this is quite cumbersome and includes ALL scenes, I can’t load a folder e.g. “the Iran sequence” or “the second act” of my script.

If you have a simple solution, I’d be glad to hear it!


Oh! In that case check out the latest 2.1 update. This feature has finally been added back to the 2.x line. There are two ways to get at it, but the easiest is probably to just Option-click on the group you want to edit only compilable material for. The other method is the same but it uses a menu item, Documents/Open/(with) Compilable Subdocuments. Whether or not ‘with’ appears depends on your preferences for if Scrivenings mode should include the container as well as the subdocuments.

This feature is more flexible than the old one, because you can also use it to view Corkboards and Outliners of only compilable items, in addition to Scrivenings mode.

That’s great, thanks!