Scrivener 1.6.1 (Windows) Now Available

Hello all,

Scrivener 1.6.1 for Windows is now available to users who bought from us direct (or from one of our resellers such as 1.6.1 is mainly a bug-fix update, with a few changes and refinements. It is a free update for all registered users of Scrivener for Windows, and we recommend that you update from whatever version of Scrivener you are using. Updates and fixes include:

  • Updated the Catalan, Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Italian, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), and Slovenian translations.
  • The dialog warning that a project may already be open now offers the option to make a copy of the project.
  • Added a “minimize” button to the New Project window.
  • Tweaked colour chips and text alignment in the Label and Status menus and made the “No Status” and “No Label” displays consistent in the outliner.
  • Fixed a bug causing Scrivener to crash when importing script settings from a Final Draft FDX file.
  • Fixed a bug in compile that could throw a bad allocation error when a document beginning with a table or containing only blank lines immediately followed a page break.
  • Fixed a bug that saved Project Notes with each auto-save, even when the notes had not been modified. (This should resolve the majority of cases where users running system backup services while using Scrivener saw warnings that files in the project could not be saved because they were in use by another process.)
  • Fixed a bug where exporting the outliner to CSV could export the wrong columns when limited to only those visible in the outliner.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the loading progress bar in the editor to sometimes remain after opening a document.
  • Fixed a bug where outliner columns that had been rearranged would reset to the default order after changing view modes.

You can find a full list of changes here:

Note: Since the original 1.6.1 release, it has been refreshed with two hotfixes:

  • Fixed misleading messaging during registration. (This was resolved in a temporary 1.6.2 update which has since been replaced by the newer 1.6.1 release to avoid problems with the special NaNoWriMo trial updating.)
  • Fixed bug that broke keyword drag and drop from the project keyword list.

The new date for the 1.6.1 installer (also in the About dialog) is 31 Oct. If you are running the original 1.6.1 (29 Oct) or had updated to 1.6.2, you can re-download the full 1.6.1 installer from our site and install over your existing version to have the most up-to-date copy.

Updating to 1.6.1

To download Scrivener 1.6.1, either:

  • Select “Check for Updates” from the “Help” menu within Scrivener itself and follow the on-screen instructions;


Thanks, and happy writing!