Scrivener 1.6 for Windows now available

Scrivener 1.6 for Windows is now available to users who bought from us direct (or from one of our resellers such as 1.6 is mainly a bug-fix update but includes a few new features such as the ability to insert linked images and drag-and-drop integration with Scapple for Windows (stay tuned!). It is a free update for all registered users of Scrivener for Windows, and we recommend that you update from whatever version of Scrivener you are using.

Hotfix from 1.5.9:
Note: 1.5.9 was released earlier today as an auto-update only and has been replaced with 1.6 to resolve these two bugs specific to 1.5.9.

  • Fixed a display bug in the editor causing the text of the initial paragraph to be hidden after reformatting a selection including the first character of the document (no text was lost, but it did not display until the editor view was adjusted)

  • Fixed a bug preventing interface translations from being implemented when selecting a language other than English from the Options

Updates and fixes include:

  • Fixed a bug that caused hyperlinks and linked notes to be deleted when using Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style

  • Fixed a bug causing a list of hyperlinks not to save correctly in the editor

  • Fixed a script settings bug preventing elements from saving with centred alignment

  • Fixed a bug causing Inspector scrolling to stick with a selected comment or footnote

  • Fixed a bug preventing editing the beginning of lengthy comments or linked footnotes whose height surpassed the height of the inspector

  • Fixed several bugs causing Compile settings to incorrectly affect the selection word count in Project Statistics

  • Updated ebook compile for EPUB 3 specifications and EpubCheck validation, including removing the Adobe page template extension, revising the date format, and ensuring the contents of meta-data fields are identical in both the NCX and OPF files

  • Fixed a bug where Scrivener links were not stripped during compile, causing invalid hyperlinks in documents

  • Fixed a bug that could lose character formatting from inline footnotes when compiled to RTF/DOC/DOCX

  • Fixed a bug whereby page breaks did not compile correctly when followed by a document beginning with an empty line

  • Improved error reporting and overall stability, including enhancements to the save method to avoid temp files, as this caused problems for some systems, and additional warning messages in rare cases where Scrivener is unable to save a file

  • Added the feature Edit > Insert > Image Linked to File…, which inserts an image as a reference to an external file (rather than embedding the image in the document file in the project); updates to the external file will be reflected in the project when reloaded and used during compile

  • With the above, also resolved the problem of linked images in Mac projects being deleted when edited on Windows

  • Added a preview of the Russian interface translation, available from the language menu in the General tab of Options. To provide feedback on the translation, please email s.sadovnikov2013 AT

  • Added support for Scapple drag-and-drop integration

You can find a full list of changes here:

Updating to 1.6

To download Scrivener 1.6, either:

  • Select “Check for Updates” from the “Help” menu within Scrivener itself and follow the on-screen instructions;


If you have already seen the update notification and followed the on-screen instructions to update, you don’t need to do anything else.

Thanks, and happy writing!