Dear Scrivener For Windows Users,

I’m very excited to announce the release of Scrivener for Windows after almost a year of development, bug fixing and beta testing. This is yet another free update to Scrivener Windows users. I would like to thank all the beta testers who have helped make this release of Scrivener something I’m personally very proud of. I’m looking forward to seeing how it is received and reviewed.

As a recap for non-beta testers, we made well over 500 bug fixes and improvements in the release and introduced many new features. Here are some highlights of the new features and improvements for


  • Scrivener can now import OpenOffice ODT files and the import/export options for PDF, ODT, DOC and DOCX have been revised with improved converters.
  • Webpage import has been overhauled to use the open standard MHT format, better preserving the complete webpage in a single file. MHT pages can be opened externally or converted on import to PDF for viewing in Scrivener. Webpages can also be imported as plain-text files.
  • Copying and pasting from webpages has been improved to include embedded images and produces cleaner, more consistent results across popular browsers.


  • You can select a folder or document from anywhere outside the Draft folder to include as front matter in the compile contents.
  • Scrivener links now compile as internal links for RTF and, if Microsoft Word is installed, for PDF, DOC and DOCX when “Include in RTF bookmarks” is checked for the document type and level in compile formatting.
  • New project properties in the Meta-Data Settings allow you to use placeholder tags throughout the project and compile settings to be replaced with the project title and author name during compile. <$projecttitle> and <$fullname> are used by default for title and author meta-data when compiling to ebook formats.
  • Compile formatting is now modified directly in the preview area without needing to open a separate window.


  • You can now create and apply formatting presets to document text via the Format > Formatting menu or from the format bar. (If you’ve customised the format bar, you can add the Preset Selector from the Customize Toolbars dialog.)
  • Ranges of text can now be marked with Preserve Formatting to prevent their formatting being overwritten during compile when the rest of the text is standardised.

Scrivener Links

  • New options in Edit > Copy Special let you copy a selection of documents from the binder, outliner, or corkboard as a list of Scrivener links or as a Table of Contents
  • Scrivener Link > New Link… (Ctrl+G, Ctrl+D) opens a dialog to easily create Scrivener links to new or existing documents
  • Holding the Alt key while dragging and dropping items from the binder to document text or notes inserts a Scrivener link. Dragging and dropping images or text documents without the modifier key will insert the image or text
  • You can now set the default location (current or other editor) for opening clicked Scrivener links from the editor. New context menu options also let you choose the target editor for opening a link

Custom Meta-Data

  • You can now create custom meta-data, which can be viewed in the new custom meta-data tab of the inspector and as columns in the outliner

Document Templates

  • Project > Set Selection as Templates Folder lets you use subdocuments of the selected binder item as templates for new documents via Project > New from Template. The top item in the folder is assigned a shortcut for quick access

Custom Document Icons

  • You can now assign documents a custom icon through the Documents > Change Icon menu (also available in the binder, outliner, and corkboard context menus). Hold the Alt key while right-clicking the item to go directly to the icon submenu

Full Screen Backdrop

  • View > Full Screen Backdrop lets you select an image from the project or hard drive to use as a project-specific backdrop in Full Screen mode

PDF Improvements

  • PDF import and display has been improved and offers many new options including text extraction via the context menu, finer zoom control and rendering crispness and clarity, single-page view, find, rotation, print support, link support, password protected PDF support, keyboard and outline navigation


  • Documents can be added to a Favorites list via the context menu or Documents > Favorites > Add to Favorites, allowing quick access from menus such as Go To, Move, and Append Selection to Document. You can adjust the order of the items, add or remove documents, or open items directly from the Favorites Manager (Documents > Favorites > Favorites Manager…)

    Multiple Project Notes
  • Scrivener now supports multiple project notes, which can be viewed in the inspector or opened in a separate window from Project > Project Notes… The notes window can be set to always remain in front of the main project window via a checkbox in the General options

More Custom Shortcuts

  • More menu commands have been given keyboard shortcuts and additional items have been made available for user-defined shortcuts in the Options: Keyboard pane

Revised Templates and Compile Settings

  • Project templates and compile presets have been redone and make use of new features such as document templates and revised compile settings

A complete list of changes can be found here.

For Linux beta users, we will be looking to release Linux 1.7 beta once we have completed the Windows update release. We will provide a stand-alone zip, Debian and hopefully an RPM build.

If you do not have ‘auto-updates’ turned on in Scrivener, you can update your version of Scrivener for Windows by selecting ‘Check for Updates…’ from the Scrivener ‘Help’ menu.



Your program is a joy to work with, and this release delivers a terrific advance in capabilities.

Congratulations Team Scrivener :smiley:

– Jerome

Thanks so much for the impressive list of updates! I regret to report, however, that I am no longer able to copy to the Windows clipboard and paste into Scrivener. I was able to download and re-install v. 1.6.1 from the L&L Scrivener page to restore this feature. It might be wise to make this version available to Windows users for the time being as things get sorted out. Thanks again!


Congratulations to everyone - a really impressive update with many issues sorted out and some great new features. Well done. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: