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I saw a Google Plus post from Claudia Gruy about the update. Since I wasn’t sure if Scrivener would just update from within the program or if I needed to uninstall and then install the newer version, I fired up Scrivener to see if I could do an easy update. The first thing that happened was a notice that the update is available. I click the download button. I get a notice that says I need to uninstall and reinstall the old version because the installation isn’t in the expected installation folder. And I can’t update till I fix it. Except my favorite file manager shows it right where it’s supposed to be.

Claudia had a slightly different issue. Her update installed, but now, her Scrivener only stays open for a short time, does a backup, then closes, saying that it isn’t installed in the expected place. Are there any possible, sane solutions?

To install the update, please just download the full installer from the website (or directly from here) and then install that over your existing 1.6.1 installation. There was a bug in the 1.6.1 auto-updater that’s causing a problem with recognising the proper file path, which is fixed in 1.7.1 so you shouldn’t run into this error again with future updates. Installing over your existing version will maintain all your current settings.

Claudia’s issue sounds like something else entirely, an issue with the project rather than the program installation, but without more details I can’t say exactly what’s going on. If Scrivener is throwing a warning and then closing the project, it could be that something within the project directory has been moved or edited outside of Scrivener–the warning message and subsequent closing of the project is to prevent you from making further changes in the file that may not be able to be saved. So e.g. if you open a project and then in Windows Explorer you open the project’s .scriv folder and move one of the files within it, Scrivener will issue the warning. This can happen also if another program tries to modify the files in the folder while the project is open.

Thanks, MM. I just did that and mine is working fine. I’ll post the link and your comments about Claudia’s issue in the G+ community. If the newest update doesn’t fix her problem, maybe she can pop in here and discuss it with you.

The partial webite loading bug remains in this release. I have already described it in the beta group.