Scrivener 1.9.01 beta on hp Elitebook 8530p running openSUSE


I installed Scrivener 1.9.01 beta on an HP Elitebook 8530p running openSUSE leap (which is 64-bit) using the 64-bit tarball and I found it to be super easy. These are the steps:

  1. Download the tar.gz archive and unpack it somewhere.
  2. Move the Scrivener folder in to your home directory.
  3. Make sure that the permissions for the script in the Scrivener/bin directory are set to executable (right-click the file in Dolphin and set the executable flag)
  4. Edit the Application menu (right click the opensuse icon bottom left of the desktop) and add the application Scrivener where you want it to appear. Point the menu entry to the script that is in the Scrivener/bin directory
  5. Download the nice icon from the post 'A mostly complete guide…" and put it somewhere in the Scrivener directory. Point to this .png file to be used as icon in the application menu.
  6. Set any directory from your home directory as working directory. It doesn’t matter as long as you have read/write access
    7 Save the menu entry.

A .desktop file for scrivener is created in the /home/(your username)/.local/share/applications/ directory

You can now start Scrivener as a local user from the application menu.

Hope this helps.