Scrivener for Windows Now Available

Hello all,

Scrivener 1.9.7 for Windows is now available. This release has new features, refinements and bug fixes. It is a free update for all registered users of Scrivener for Windows, and we recommend that you update from 1.9.6.

Updates and Refinements

  • Improved the font parser to ignore faulty values within font fields, which previously could prevent Scrivener from opening while fonts with incorrect values were installed. (Any fonts removed in order to run Scrivener 1.9.6 can be reinstalled.)

  • Added support for Microsoft Office 2016 in the import and export converter options.

  • When selecting formatting levels in the Compile “Formatting” pane, affected documents are now highlighted in the binder.

  • Improved conflict resolution when syncing mobile changes to reduce unnecessary conflicted copies being created when a document is edited only on iOS.

  • Scrivener now detects and prompts to sync mobile changes even when a project is the active (frontmost) window. Be sure Dropbox has completed downloading before choosing to sync.

  • When syncing from mobile devices, black text colour (used on iOS for ‘no colour’) is converted to a true ‘no colour’ on Windows, allowing the text to display in the default text colour for the editor (set in Tools > Options > Appearance).

  • Added a prompt message to simplify showing changed documents after syncing from iOS.

  • The selection highlight in the binder has been extended to the full binder width, making it easier to distinguish from label colours and compile format highlighting.

  • ‘Split with Selection as Title’ and ‘Set Selected Text as Title’ now convert carriage returns and line breaks within the selection to spaces in the title.

  • Selecting ‘Open File Location’ from the references context menu now selects the item within the containing folder in the file browser.

  • Added a more informative message when choosing File > Sync > with Mobile Devices… when there are no changes in the project.

  • Updated the collection tab appearance and added a right-click option to the colour icon to show the collection colour context menu.

  • Improved the internal handling of document icons in the binder.

  • Added Asturian language support thanks to translation by Xesús González Rato

Fixes in 1.9.7

  • Fixed a bug whereby external plain-text files did not import correctly using the Sync with External Folder option with extensions other than .txt.

  • Fixed a bug whereby advanced compile replacements using the $@ tag did not work.

  • Fixed a bug whereby compile replacements did not affect titles in the auto-generated table of contents for ebooks or in the page title of webpage formats.

  • Fixed a bug whereby pasting rich-text into the Project Replace ‘replace’ field pasted the RTF syntax.

  • Fixed a bug whereby conflicted copies of documents following a mobile sync displayed initially with a blank document icon and a 0 word and character count in the editor footer.

  • Fixed a bug whereby the text selection and cursor position were not always saved if no other changes were made in a document.

  • Fixed a bug whereby some unicode characters might be duplicated when pasting or importing 2-byte character text into Scrivener from Microsoft Word.

  • Removed code attempting to clean up styles from HTML on the clipboard when pasting into Scrivener, as doing so could lose parts of the original text.

  • Fixed a bug whereby it was possible to use ‘Move to Selection’ on an inspector comment or footnote when only carriage returns were selected, causing the note to disappear. The New Comment/Footnote commands are now also disabled when only carriage returns are selected (comments would not previously be created, but the commands appeared available).

  • Updated the version of 7-zip included in the Doc2Any conversion tools Scrivener uses.

  • Fixed a typo in the Spanish translation files.

Updating to 1.9.7

To download Scrivener 1.9.7, either:

  • Select “Check for Updates” from the “Help” menu within Scrivener itself and follow the on-screen instructions;


If you have already seen the update notification and followed the on-screen instructions to update, you don’t need to do anything else.

Thanks, and happy writing!