Scrivener 1.9 and 3

Can I use the released version 3 and the old version 1.9 at the same time on Windows? Not with the same projects, but if I don’t open older projects with version 3 and don’t convert them, can I still use version 1.9 with them?

And if I buy version 3 with the discount because I already have version 1.9, can I still use the older version with my license key?

I have both 1.9 and the 3 beta installed side by side. 3 is installed in a separate “Scrivener Beta” folder, and I often have both 1.9 and 3 open at the same time without any conflicts. I’ve ‘saved as’ any project I want to use in 3 so that I still have a copy that works in 1.9.

You may. I was doing that for some time.

The licensing question should be answered by L&L staff.

Yes, you can use the older version even after using the discount for v3. The two licenses are not related.