Scrivener 1.9 Windows 10 - looks a very nice update

Opening futures – matching the Mac file format, which will likely aid further matching of features, as well as laying the ground for that other Apple some are looking forwards to.

As well, there are a number of nice fixes and features. Maybe I’m noticing more as am getting back to using Scrivener, opening writing projects, but Scrivener is feeling very smooth these days.

The one question I had, how 1.9 would handle old projects, is nicely handled. On opening, after asking you, it converts them, while saving a copy in the older format.

I’m on Windows 10, and all is just fine, on a large normal screen.

Many thanks, Lee, Tiho, and Jennifer :wink:


p.s. if you are indeed using Scrivener with very high-res monitors, here’s an easy way to do that comfortably via Windows 10, below notes on some more individually targeted ways: