Scrivener 1 file conversion hangs

I have an old project that hasn’t yet been converted to the 2.x format. When I try to open this project, the updating dialog hangs at “Backing up.” I have to force-kill Scrivener. (This is on a Mac, btw.) I can supply you with a copy of the project, if that would help in debugging this.

Tim Keating

How large is the project? The backup phase will take roughly as long as it takes to duplicate the .scriv project in the Finder. So if it is gigabytes in size, it may take a few minutes to complete.

It’s 180 kb. I’m thinking that’s not the issue…

No. :slight_smile: Unless you are running Scrivener on an Apple IIe somehow.

This sounds more like a recent bug I’ve seen a few times where versions of a .scriv project older than 1.54 do not always update. One easy work-around is to download 1.54 from the support page, and merely open and close the project with it (this is safe to do without uninstalling 2.x, just copy it some place other than Applications). Alternatively, you might want to check out the latest beta build and see if that fixes the problem. I haven’t refreshed my memory from the change log, but I think this problem has been fixed in the beta.

Yep, the beta version performed the conversion correctly. Thanks for the quick response!

Great, glad to hear it’s fixed. Thanks for reporting back.