Scrivener 1 for Win Just Disappeared from my PC

It was working last night. Restarted this morning, and it’s gone. Doc files are still there, but I can’t find the application anywhere.

The (expired) demo version of 3.x is still there, But I can’t get to that, of course.

It gets worse… Please contact me ASAP via email to discuss additional issues that should not be public.

Best Regards,
Jon McManus

Have you sent an email to support? That’s how you get the official help. As for your main issue, I suggest you dig up the email where your license code was sent to you. Enter that into the “trial” version, and that should solve your problem; trial version and official version are one-in-the-same. Something must have happened to your computer’s registry entry where the license code was stored, and that put Scrivener back in trial mode.