Scrivener 2.0.4 Now Available

Hi all,

*** Update ***

Although 2.0.3 was only released yesterday, I have today released a 2.0.4 update that fixes some bugs that crept into 2.0.3 at the last minute, as follows:

  • Fixed bug whereby the “Move to Selection” menu item in the comments contextual menu was available even if there was no text selection, and choosing it in this circumstance would throw an error.
  • Scrivener now provides a default meta-data title for .mobi files if the user doesn’t provide one, so that kindlegen doesn’t refuse to create the file.
  • When triple-clicking titles in scrivenings mode, or selecting the entire title line, the separator after the title no longer gets selected.
  • Fixed bug whereby scrivening divider lines could appear in the wrong place when changing the preferences.

There was also an issue with the project templates for 2.0.3, so this is a recommended update for all users.

– Original message –

Just to let you know that Scrivener [AMENDED] 2.0.4 is now available for download. This is a free update for all registered users of Scrivener 2.0. It is recommended that you update from whatever version of 2.0 you are using because many bugs have been fixed and minor refinements made. You can find a full list of changes at the end of this post.

To download Scrivener 2.0.4, either:

  • Select “Check for Updates…” from the Scrivener menu within Scrivener itself and follow the on-screen instructions.


If you have already seen the update notification and followed the on-screen instructions to update, you don’t need to do anything else.

All the best,

P.S. I had planned to start doing public betas again with this release, but time caught up with me - I still plan to do so with future releases though.

[size=150]Scrivener 2.0.3 Change List[/size]

(2.0.4 changes are listed at the top of this post.)

Refinements and Changes


  • PDF images embedded into the text now retain their original quality and no longer get converted to JPG or PNG data internally.
  • The playback position of sound and movie media files now gets remembered.
  • Web pages, movie and sound files now show the “Open in External Editor” and “Reload” buttons in the footer bar of the main editor.
  • The “Zoom In” and “Zoom Out” keyboard shortcuts now work with images.

Full Screen

  • When switching between applications and Scrivener is in full screen mode, Scrivener has now returned to the 1.x behaviour in that full screen will stay open.
  • The full screen transparency slider should now be more intelligent about textures. Fading doesn’t work with image-based colours, so the slider is now greyed out if both the paper and background use image-based colours. It also now treats an image-based colour background the same as a full screen backdrop image, in that in both these situations the slider will now affect the paper colour (unless the paper colour is image-based too).


  • Text selection is now remembered in the navigation history for scrivenings.
  • When you select the last paragraph of a document in scrivenings mode, Scrivener now tries to ensure that the return character that is part of the separator isn’t included in the selection. This ensures that you can delete or edit the paragraph without the uneditable separator preventing you from doing so.


  • You can now set the font colour for script elements.
  • Hitting tab in the middle of a line in screenplay mode now creates a new line for parentheticals (if the next element is a parenthetical).


  • The “sync with external folder” feature will now check for changes and update the external folder on project close if “Check external folder on project open and automatically sync on close” is set.

Contextual Menus

  • Added “Move to Selection” ctrl-click item to inspector comments - select text in the editor, ctrl-click on a comment in the inspector, and then use this option to move the comment to the selected text.
  • Restored “Ignore Grammar” to the editor contextual menu.
  • Added “Make Link”, “Open Link” and so on back to the contextual text menu when Scrivener detects the selection is a URL.
  • Added “Add to Collection” to the binder’s contextual menu.


  • Import and Split now uses the first line of each new document for document titles rather than the title of the original file.
  • Added an indicator to the binder header that shows which editor will be affected by the selection if “Binder Affects” is being used, or if an editor is locked in place and the preferences are set up such that the other editor is affected when the current editor is locked in place. (The indicator is not shown when the binder selection will affect the current editor, or if both editors are locked in place so that neither editor will be affected.)
  • URLs entered using Add Link are no longer automatically percent-escaped, which would break links including anchor hash marks.
  • You can now drag keywords to the root in the keywords HUD.
  • Changed: previously, em-dashes, en-dashes and hyphens were all treated the same by the find routines, so that if you searched for one the others would be returned too. These are all treated separately again now.

Bugs Fixed

Major (Stability)

  • Fixed bug that could cause a hang when deleting text across different sections in scrivenings mode.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug which could cause a hang and crash when pasting certain text into inspector comments or footnotes.
  • Hopefully fixed crash that could occur when trying to import certain web pages.
  • The main undo stack now gets cleared when exiting full screen if full screen was displaying scrivenings. This fixes a bug whereby hitting undo after leaving full screen with a scrivenings mode would cause a crash.
  • Fixed bug whereby switching views while an index card on the corkboard was still being editor would cause any edits to the synopsis to be lost, and could also lead to a crash during project close.
  • Fixed bug whereby projects updated from 1.x that used the default screenplay format no longer recognised the script elements correctly.
  • Fixed bugs related to updating 1.x projects that used custom script settings, whereby certain elements may not get recognised and the “Style to” setting would revert to the default. All script elements from 1.x projects should now get updated correctly.
  • Fixed bug in scrivenings mode that could cause text to appear in the wrong place when single separators were set and some components had “page break before” set in pages mode.
  • Fixed bug which could cause some projects saved in the Windows beta not to open in the Mac version because of an XML inconsistency. (There may be other bugs that cause problems opening Windows projects in the Mac version for now given that at the time of this release, the Windows version is still in beta, but this was specifically a Mac-version bug.)
  • If you use “Save As” to save over the current project, Scrivener now falls back on a regular save rather than issuing an alarming message and closing the project.
  • Fixed bug whereby Scrivener would spew an error, close and recover a project if trying to save a highlighted PDF file that was imported from a file without the correct permissions.

Minor (Usability)

  • Fixed bug with the “highlight current line” feature whereby if the insertion point was right at the end of the line, the next line could be highlighted instead and when this happened the text of the next line would disappear until the selection was changed again.
  • Fixed bug in Documents > Sort > Descending which caused documents to get sorted apparently at random rather than in true descending order.
  • Fixed bug whereby PDF files in Scrivener’s binder couldn’t be dragged into the text area.
  • Fixed bug whereby including RTF bookmarks in compile could cause problems with certain unicode characters (such as those used in Polish). Such unicode characters are now stripped from RTF bookmark titles.
  • Fixed bug with opening the Script Settings panel for 1.x script formats.
  • Fixed bug in the “Use current font & paragraph settings” feature in the Script Settings panel whereby it would ignore the font.
  • Fixed bug whereby “Use current font & paragraph settings” in Script Settings would reset the current units to inches.
  • Fixed bug whereby re-re-capitalising script elements could take a long time, and seem to hang the program if “Undo” was hit afterwards.
  • Adding Scrivener links with square brackets now uses loose punctuation so that smart quotes don’t interfere with link detection.
  • Fixed capitalisation issue that affected editing web links.
  • Fixed bug whereby scrivenings title font didn’t get reset when clicking on “Defaults” in the preferences panel.
  • Fixed problems with using contextual menu in text area in QuickReference panels.
  • “Take Snapshot” now works in full screen again.
  • Fixed bug where the automatic superscripting of ordinals could cause the font to keep shrinking if you went back and typed a space after the text again.
  • Fixed bug whereby keywords would lose their internal ID - and thus would no longer appear correctly in documents to which they had been assigned - when undoing or redoing a drag in the keywords HUD.
  • Fixed bug whereby inline annotations and “preserve formatting” could get lost, and internal tags could be seen, upon reopening a project if these attributes had been applied to an image.
  • Fixed bug whereby Auto-Generate Synopses would cause internal codes to be included in the generated synopses for text that contained inline annotations and footnotes.
  • Fixed bug in “Times 12pt with Bold Folder Titles” compile preset whereby it used Optima font instead of Times.
  • Fixed bug in preferences that affected Scrivener running on Tiger or Snow Leopard, whereby enabling smart links did not turn on smart Scrivener links (which should have been, and now is, a separate option).
  • Fixed bug whereby smart copy and paste could cause spaces placed around words when pasted to use Helvetica font.
  • Fixed minor bug whereby text preceding the first document selected for compile would be included in the compiled document if the compile would otherwise result in a blank document.
  • Fixed minor bug whereby Convert to Default Formatting would not update the typing attributes.
  • Fixed bug that caused the first page to be laid out in the wrong place when using Right-to-Left text in the page view (unless facing pages mode was selected).
  • Fixed bug that could cause an exception to be thrown in the navigation history when documents had been deleted but not cleared properly.


  • Fixed bug that caused scrivening divider lines to be carried across into normal text if you switched to single line separators and back again during a scrivenings session.
  • Fixed bug whereby selecting multiple scrivenings and changing the line height would cause the divider lines to disappear.
  • Fixed bug whereby line spacing in format bar would incorrectly report the current spacing (e.g. 1.1 for 1.2).
  • Fixed bug whereby labels didn’t get drawn correctly in HUD panel pop-up buttons on Tiger and Leopard.
  • Fixed bug whereby status stamps didn’t display properly on index cards with dimensions other than 5x3.
  • Fixed bug whereby import alert sheet would not close after trying to import non-text files into the Draft folder.
  • Fixed bug whereby ruler would appear in full screen if line numbering was selected in main view even if rulers were turned off.
  • Fixed bug whereby converting inline comments or footnotes to inspector comments in footnotes in a scrivenings session would not correctly add the link underline and tooltip to the marked-up text.
  • Fixed bug with Simplenote sync, whereby if you cancelled the sync after changing the login details, the next time you went to sync you would be presented with an unmoving progress bar that does nothing.
  • Fixed bug whereby the outliner would lose focus when tabbing after editing a synopsis.

Keith, I haven’t downloaded and installed 2.0.3 just yet, but I just have to marvel loudly at the number and significance of bugs fixed in a 0.0.x release.


You guys are amazing.

Thank you!

Now how about bringing the thesaurus out from behind two menu levels, or providing a shortcut to it? And a short cut to Text to Speech? I use those features ALL the time!


Since it isn’t feasible to add a shortcut to every single menu item (there aren’t enough keys! We’ve already used up most of them), we’ve done the best we can, and leave the rest up to you. Everyone can customise their menus using these simple instructions:

You can customise shortcuts in OS X’s Keyboard preference pane. Just click on the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab in that pane, and then “Application Shortcuts” in the sidebar. For example (to add a shortcut to the Show Collections) follow these steps:

  1. Click the + button below the right list
  2. Select Scrivener in the “Application” drop-down
  3. Type in “Show Collections” for the menu title. This part is important, the name of the menu must be typed in completely and precisely, including capital letters, and the three dots at the end if applicable.
  4. Click into the keyboard shortcut field, and then press the keys you wish to use for this shortcut. If you accidentally press the wrong keys, you can try again by clicking back in this field and press the right combination.
  5. Click the “Add” button.

Now switch back to Scrivener and give it a shot.

“Now how about bringing the thesaurus out from behind two menu levels, or providing a shortcut to it? And a short cut to Text to Speech? I use those features ALL the time!”

OH!!! Yes, please!!!

Shortcut already exists system-wide in OS X: Ctrl-Cmd-D
By default it brings up a dictionary definition, but this can be changed by opening the Dictionary app and changing the order of the reference sources so that the thesaurus is first.

Similarly, a system-wide shortcut for Text-Speech can be set in the Speech menu of System Preferences. Just make sure the “Speak selected text when the key is pressed” option is checked and then set your desired shortcut.

“When switching between applications and Scrivener is in full screen mode, Scrivener has now returned to the 1.x behaviour in that full screen will stay open.”


I’m lovin’ it. You know you rock the party, right?


Like tmanasa said, an amazing x.0.y release.

Well done on following this through as your initial priority for the benefit of your installed user-base in what looks like another very busy year!

Warm regards from Australia, Andrew.

nom, thanks for the tip.

Unfortunately, Ctrl-Cmd-D crashes Scrivener!

The problem is repeatable and I sent the crashlog to Scrivener support.

I will try setting a Text-to-Speech shortcut and see if that works!

Can’t find a “Speak selected text when the key is pressed” option. Max OS X 10.6.6.

Any ideas? Thanks!

I can’t reproduce this - it works for me, and from your crash report I see you are on 10.6.6 too. Does it crash every time? You seem to suggest so. What about in a new project? Does it work in TextEdit?


One caveat about that Ctrl-Cmd-D to bring up the Dictionary/Thesaurus/Wikipedia panel:
The Dictionary app MUST be visible in the Applications folder.
It cannot be inside a nested folder.
That’s a violation of Apple’s own interface rules, but there you have it.

You can also use widgets. (Yes… I know…) Hit F4 and have the dictionary as one (or the only one) of your widgets. When you toggle F4 again, you are immediately back to your Scrivener page with no fuss or muss. I find this faster than any other combo and it is one button.


@tmanasa: Ctrl-Cmd-D works for me in Scrivener (and almost everywhere else except Word). Probably best to correspond directly with Keith to track down what’s happening there.

For text-to-speech, go to System Preferences and click Speech, then click Text to Speech. The appropriate checkbox is in the bottom half of the window. I’m also using 10.6.6, so it should be there. :slight_smile: