Scrivener 2.0... It's here.

Hi all,

Okay… At last, Scrivener 2.0 is with us. Please visit the main Scrivener page to get an overview of what’s new:

The dedicated “What’s new” page can be found here: … p?show=new

You can download a trial of version 2.0 from the main Scrivener page, and you can buy an update from the 1.x licence should you like Scrivener 2.0 enough to upgrade (I hope so - I’ve been working on it for two years!). If you already own Scrivener 1.x, then the update only costs $25 (the regular price being $45). If you purchased Scrivener on or after 1st August 2010, then the update is free. To upgrade an existing licence, please visit the following page: … 1634174866

Note that you will need to enter the same e-mail address you used to buy Scrivener 1.x in order to get the update pricing. If your e-mail address has since changed, or if you’ve forgotten which one you used, please drop David a line on sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com and he will be able to sort you out (please bear with us if it takes us a little longer than usual to get back to you - we are being inundated with e-mails at the moment).

I hope you like Scrivener 2.0 and find its new features and refined interface useful. As of tomorrow morning, I’ll be starting work on 2.0.1 (which will be a free update to 2.0 owners, obviously), to address any bugs and minor issues reported about the preview that I didn’t get chance to fix in this release version. (I’ll be starting to reply to all the threads I haven’t managed to get back to on the forums too.)

A massive thank you to team L&L - all have been stars: David, for his great work on the videos and answering a billion (very welcome!) user questions, Julia, for proof-reading everything and helping write the text on the website, and an especially big thank you to Ioa, who not only wrote the user manual but completely redesigned the site; he’s done an astounding job. Any faults in the program itself are, as always, down to me. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I hope it’s been worth the wait. I’m really proud of it and look forward to hearing about novels, theses, screenplays and everything else being written in Scrivener 2.0 (hopefully one of the novels by me, who knows…).

Many thanks and all the best,

Congrats! New look all around the place.

Ioa, DMJ, Lee, and especially you Keith: Lots of work pays off in the end. 2.0 is an amazing tool that continues to impress.

(KB any chance of making it so bbcode is on for your threads?)

Well done Keith. You da man. You can all be truly proud of what you have achieved. Many many thanks for Scrivener 2.0. Kudos.

Thank you so much for doing this Keith and all the rest of your small team. I tell every writer I meet to buy Scrivener and they always say ‘oh i can’t afford any new software’ and when I tell them the price they look astonished and rush off to buy it. When I go on to tell them that you keep the price down so that writers can buy it some almost become emotional… Because there is no doubt in my mind that Scrivener is worth hundreds of dollars … and there is also no doubt in my mind that you are providing a wonderful tool for writers in the most selfless and ethical manner - which is kinda amazing in today’s modern world, don’t you think?

Three cheers (or more) for Keith, Ioa, and whoever else helped with 2.0! Congratulations! Go drink a few beers on me!

Congratulations, all! My 2.0 update is downloading at the moment, and I’ve just toured the new site. It looks fabulous–great work with that as well as with, of course, the program itself. Also I have to say, I love the swanky new Lit&Latte logos. I feel so posh using your program. ;0)

Ooh, download’s finished, 'scuse me…!

:slight_smile: Thanks, MM!

Posh. Marvellous.

This is great! Congratulations to all the L&L team. (And I really think, Keith, you should take a day off before you start on 2.01. Savour the moment. You’ve earned it.)


Edit - you should ALL take a day off!

Congratulations. The program is phenomenal. I used 1.x quite a lot, but found myself switching between it and Movie Magic (and occasionally OmniOutliner) pretty often. None had all the capabilities I wanted.

I’ve been using the NanoWrimo demo, and I just bought 2.0. And now I actually can’t imagine using anything else, except for final formatting and printing. If I’d made a wish list last month, with everything I wanted 2.0 to do, today’s product would have exceeded it.

Great job! I wish you massive success.

Just upgraded. Everything went really smoothly, and congratulations to the L&L team. Great job and I’m looking forward to writing in Scrivener 2.


Congratulations on releasing Scrivener 2.0!! A brilliant writing program made even better.

Your vision, expertise and determination to get this delivered - and the best it could be - are amazing. Mostly though, I admire your passion and your willingness to evolve Scrivener with input from your user community.

Thank you - congratulations again and enjoy your achievement.

Warm regards from Australia, Andrew.

Yeah, getting the internal server errors again. No surprise there, given there must be LOTS of activity on the Scrivener site(s) today. Just got a gander at the new web site et al. WOW. Before anyone complains about all the changes, let me say I love change and I LOVE the new site, blog, forum appearance. Beautiful job!!!

I also took a peek at the video tutorials. I really wanted to see videos of you, Keith, and Ioa and the gang. LOL. But I guess I’ll have to settle for video of Scrivener. I can see there is a lot that I am missing. I haven’t had the need for so much exploration and have some things I’ve had to get done. But I’m also quite sure I don’t even KNOW that I need some things I’ll be discovering soon. In other words, I know I’ll find more to love about Scrivener.

Off to explore more and see all the new cool stuff. Scrivener has come quite a ways since Scrivener Gold, which was a very cool little program, btw! It has been a genuine pleasure to see Scrivener grow over the years into such an elegant and robust writing program. Even more of a pleasure to USE it!!


I just upgraded. I have my receipt and I have NO idea what to do now. Do I open my old Scriv and then do something? Will it upgrade automatically? I really am clueless and my mind has been clouded with shock over my crazy family situation recently. Could some kind soul do a step 1,2,3 for us establshed Scrivenites about how to get this up and running? I don’t even think I’ve opened Scriv in weeks. And Jaysen, please stop cackling.

Thank you for the wonderful NanoTrial. I love the template you devised for Nano 2010. At first, I hesitated to try to use 2.0, but the template makes everything so easy. I know I’ll be purchasing the upgrade.

Hi Keith and all,

I just purchased the upgrade and it did not install. I tried to install it several times and it said I had outworn installment possibilites, or something like that. I logged off and all my files have vanished.
Everything I love that I have written is on the old Scrivener, I am slightly definitely terrified. please help.
how do i find what appears to have vanished? most important. how do i make work the new Scrivener version I just purchased? Scrivener is the best and I am needing help asap. thank you, laurel

Oh, we’re around. You just have to poke at things a little bit. :wink:

Nice to see you around again.

“how do i find what appears to have vanished?”

I can’t answer your other questions, but if you go to Spotlight and search for “.scriv” (without the quotation marks, of course), you should be able to locate all your previously saved files.

Mollys Mum said:

I just upgraded. I have my receipt and I have NO idea what to do now. Do I open my old Scriv and then do something? Will it upgrade automatically? I really am clueless and my mind has been clouded with shock over my crazy family situation recently. Could some kind soul do a step 1,2,3 for us establshed Scrivenites about how to get this up and running?”

  1. Download it from here:
  2. Install it in the usual way (double click to mount and open the DMG file, drag Scriv to Applications)
  3. Run it, enter your sparkling new credentials, sit back and feel all warm inside

Good to see you smiling :wink:


I can’t recall ever before being this excited about the release of a software program. Scrivener is a pleasure to work with and I have already been pleasantly surprised, several times, at the cleverness and utility of new 2.0 features.

I was happy to pay for the upgrade (how much more I would have been willing to pay is a thought that makes me feel quite financially irresponsible) and I hope that the new attention this version is sure to bring to the program does not overwork the Scrivener team.

It was a pleasure to upgrade to version 2 today. Well done Keith and the team.